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Greetings everyone. Hey I know its empty right now and you’re probably wondering “What the fuck am I doing here and what is this shit?” Well, hold on and before you nuke the fuck out of me, let me explain to you the world of RAGS!

Sometime in the future (after this shitty ass Presidential election), EL Chapo has successfully escaped from Prison and is angry at both the Mexican and U.S Government. Why? Cause he’s fucking El Chapo he can do whatever the fuck he wants. So in order to get back at us for fucking him over, he unleashes a zombie virus on the U.S-Mexico Border, there by causing an outbreak that spreads in every which direction and is not just limited to the U.S. So what does this mean? It means that California is fucked. Most notably, San Diego and everything North.

This is where our story kicks off. Regina Ragowsky and her fiance Sean, are escaping North towards the National Guard Base in San Miguel California. Unfortunately for Regina, she’s stuck out alone with nothing more than literally the skin (or freckles) on her back. With no clothes, no weapons and no hope, Regina searches desperately for a pair a pants while the world around her is going to shit.

And that’s the jist of RAGS: A Zombie Shopping Spree.