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Let’s Meet: Regina Ragowski


Races: Caucasian

Sex: Female

Hair: Red, curly and short.

Eyes: green

Features: Freckles all over her body and full sleeve tattoo on right arm. Full leg tattoo on left leg. Tattoos on stomach, ribs and upper groin area. Various scrapes, bruises.

Weapons: Beretta Cx4 Storm/ Tavor / M4/HK G35c / CZ75SP01

Gear: Military pack, gloves, boots, knee / elbow pads.

After witnessing the horribly stupid death of her fiance (something they both never saw coming.) Regina has found herself naked, alone and afraid in the Zombie Apocalypse.

But just because she’s naked and unarmed doesn’t mean she’s defenseless, or a victim. Regina is a skilled shooter and fighter, and not because she watched a few youtube videos.

She puts on a strong front, but honestly she’s just one step from completely going over the edge. Thankfully, killing zombies takes up too much of her time to even allow her to think.