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African American male

Hair: Black short, military cut

Eyes: Brown

Features: African American Male who hides his face with a skull half-mask.

Weapons: Tavor x95/ CZ 75 SP01/

Gear: Plate Carrier, MCH helmet, Military kit. Loads of weapons

About:  Operator is between 25-35 and mysterious. Only Kylie knows his real name as do other military people but they never really say his name. He also identifies as an ‘ammo-sexual’. Its not really known if he stole something, but some military people are after him for unknown reasons. Whenever they begin to ask for it, he interrupts them and says silly off-the wall things. Also kills zombies to Lady GaGa music. Despite being the most hated man in the Hustler survivor group, Operator is also the most deadly and loyal. Shown by the fact that he goes out of his way to keep the group well-armed, stocked and protected. But is it because he likes them? Or because kindness to your enemies is often the best revenge.