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Asian Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Features: Ribbon tied in her hair.

Equipment: KSG KEL-TEL Shotgun / Glock 19

About: Muffin is an kind’ve-sort’ve ally to Regina and Operator. Though initially she despises and distrusts Operator and Regina, she comes around when she realizes Randi has set her up to be killed by Marsh and his crew she comes around.  Operator stereotypes Muffin to be the stereotypical Asian, and while he’s not technically wrong, Muffin finds this irritating and offensive. Its not until Operator saves her life that she begins to rethink her opinion on the duo. She’s a very capable hand-to-hand fighter and prefers fighting close quarters.

Before the zombie plague,  Muffin was actually San Diego Police Officer Judy Hannah Smith. Even though she antagonizes Operator, she really appreciates him for taking care of Regina and treating them as equals and not just eye-candy.