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So, I beat feet to the armory and everyone is in a panic. I meet with Major Lopez, cause I’m the senior-ist NCO in the platoon until Castle and Conners arrive, and get my tasking list. I set my people to work on moving vehicles and helping the Three-Shop set up our TOC. That keeps us mostly busy for four hours, but whats really weird, is that there’s FBI, Homeland Security…the whole goddamn Alphabet is here. Chief Barnes, Commander of the MI-CO whose’s usually jovial as always takes a moment to crack a joke as we pass, has got his game face on. And I mean GAME FACE. Matter of fact, NONE of the officers are acting normal. They haven’t really passed down anything substantial. When I asked Maj Lopez about his face went pail and said that we’d all find out later.

Fucking-a. I honestly don’t give two shits as long as this means there’s some killing to do. I hit up my buddy Kolodzik to see if he knows anything, but I’m not getting any service. This is weird as shit cause that shouldn’t be happening. But it seems as though everyone’s cellphone service is fucked. CIA comms black-out was my first guess but I get back to work .

We setup our server stacks and bring up our tactical network. Its going to be another couple of hours before the PREDATOR pilots get in and start doing their thing. So whatever, easy day though right? Despite the weirdshit going on I’m still laughing and joking with the Platoon until Sergeant Castle shows up. He tells me to get everyone together and get ready for formation the second he steps inside. He doesn’t look happy. Again, weird.

So the entire company gets in formation, and I leave a couple of guys to monitor the servers before heading to formation myself. Before 1SG walks out, Castle brings us in real close. I can see the other shops are doing the same thing. A Pre-formation huddle like a football team would do prior to the game starting.

“So you guys are going to hear some things today that are going to make you very upset. I got the briefing over the phone just before they cut cell-phone service and the Captain is going to tell why. Just going to let you know, Conners isn’t going to be here. He’s going to stay in Arizona with his family…” He’s about to say more when 1SG walks out and everyone scrambles back to get into position.

1SG calls us to attention, turns around and lets the commander take charge over. Captain Bently puts us at-ease and the first words out of his mouth piss everyone off.

“First thing guys, NO ONE is going home tonight. We’re not sure what exactly is happening, but as you see but the chaos here, its pretty serious. Some of you are going to get selected to work outside your selected elements, and such, but that should be okay because you guys are professionals at your jobs.” He babbles on with nonsensical shit like most Officers do. I lose focus as police sirens continue non-stop outside. This shit is nuts. But anyway, commander prattles on telling us really abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING and sets us back to work. I watch Castle shake his head as he turns around to dismiss us. Maj Lopez motions for us to gather around and tells us the real news.

“So, most of you know about the bombing that happened at the border today.” He says and everyone nods. “Well, as far as we’re concerned, we’re setting up to support everyone working down there to figure out whats going on.”

“So what IS going on? And why are we called in when there’s the Cornado-Seals and the Marines all over this mother fucker?” Everyone looks back at SPC Collins who honestly says what everyone is thinking.

“Well Collins,” Maj Lopez takes in a breath, before looking around and trying to keep his voice low. “They believe that the attack on the border today was a chemical attack of some sort. They’ve sent in first responders, but it look as though, what ever agent they used down there, is still active and they can’t seal the border without anyone dying.”

No shit. I don’t hear the rest cause I’m thinking, that whatever the fuck that got used…if its THAT deadly its probably airborne and on its way to killing us. In the next few days though, I found that it got much, much worse.