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Alright. So, these last couple of weeks. WHAT THE FUCK!? So apparently that shit that went down at the border…Zombie Plague. Mother-FUCKING-Zombie Plague! Well, for now they’re calling it the El Chapo plague. FBI must’ve seriously pissed that dude off. Hats off to the guy for getting his hands on something like that. Thats so fucking gnarly. I know I shouldn’t be excited, but I’ve been preparing my whole life for this shit ever since I played Resident Evil on playstation. Fuck-balls. Everyone else is scared and panicking afraid we’re all going to get fucked over. They’re not wrong, but hey at least it’ll be fun.

So Border Patrol, Customs and the Cops are getting fucking WRECKED down there. The zombies have managed to literally eat their way from the border all the way up to La Jolla. Which means we had to hurry to jump everything up to Pendleton before we got over-run. The next fall back, for us anyway, is Camp Roberts. God damn El Chapo that was such a great idea. Hit the border crossings, turn folks into zombies and watch that shit spread in every-which direction while you’re holed up in a bunker. God bless you sir!

So anyway, platoon has been scattered to the winds during this whole mess. I actually got lucky along with a few other to get selected to help out the Tier 1 guys that showed up. I’ve never threw my hand up so fast I swear. So I meet all the Operators and they are some hard-looking GRADE-A killers. They’re all business, which scares me, and they don’t fuck with you unless you’re one of them. Only guy that seems cool is this guy who tells me to call him Trent. Salty mother fucker but he’s actually approachable and funny as shit. He caught me singing a parody of ‘Here without you,’ but I swapped it for ‘Here without Harambe.’ When he asked why I was singing it I simply said “My father was a great man… I’ll never forget his sacrifice.”

I’ve never seen a man laugh so hard. Great times. So, he asks me if I want to roll with them up to L.A. I know how this shit works. Special Forces guys, once they like you, they attempt to hardcore recruit you. But first you gotta pass a few ‘trials’. This ones mine and I’m fucking excited. I could be the one-percent of the one-percent. Not going to get myself too excited. Probably going to have me do some bitch detail like ‘Drive us.’ or ‘Pull security. No way they’d let me gun with him. Best thing though, he’s got this SWEET mother fucking Tavor. Seriously would love to fire that thing cause it looks like it handles pretty sweet.

Anyway, long day, gotta get some sleep. Tomorrow I find out what they want from me and maybe, if this goes down well I start calling myself Operator.