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Diary of Regina Ragowski entry-9

Sorry, been a few months, but things have started looking better. First off, let me get this out of the way, Sean proposed to me last week and I said yes. He’s got family up in Modesto so we’re going to have to take a trip up there sometime to meet his folks. Anyway, before that happened, Sean found me an apartment and has been giving me his paychecks to cover rent. Which, if you’ve ever been to San Diego know that just a piece of shit one bedroom will run you up somewheres to two grand. In return I’ve been helping him improve himself as a Marine. He’ll be picking up Corporal pretty soon and you know what, I’m damn proud of the goofy little bastard.

I have to admit he’s grown on me so much now that I’m not quite sure what I’d ever do without him. Sure he’s still a basic boot ass, crayon eating fucktard. But he’s got some brains behind that half-brain dead stare of his. We have a joint account now, and I put as much money into as I can, even though his paycheck mostly goes in there to support me.

Thankfully I have a bunch of fans on Fapnwatch, so we’re doing okay. Its rough as shit but…it could be worse. When we get married though we won’t have to struggle or anything.

Oh yeah weird thing. The other day there was some terrorist attack at the border. There hasn’t been word about it for a few days, but they closed the border for now. A shame I always wanted to go to Mexico…haha not really I don’t wanna be kidnapped.

Anyway, whatever it is I’m sure Isis or some other rag head will claim it and we’ll go blow them up.

This weekend though we’re going to hit up L.A check out Hollywood and do some shopping. Though, I’d rather just uber it up there than take Seans shitty ass Prius. Anyway time to go turn the web cam on and make some more money. Actually, you know what? I’m a fucking idiot. I really should be out there hunting down some mechanic jobs. Well, here’s to better decisions.

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Diary of Regina Ragowski entry-8

Weird. This is just fucking weird.  So, I’m unceremoniously tossed out on my ass right. Well actually I was escorted to a hotel room and left there after assuring them that I had bought a plane ticket and flight back home. I didn’t. I didn’t have shit. All my crap is being shipped back home, but I can’t go back to face mom and dad. Only thing I have with me is my fucking phone, forty-bucks, and the fucking clothes on my back. So whats a girl to do?

I wandered Oceanside for weeks. Living on the street and going from shelter to shelter trying to find a nice safe place to kill myself. When I got the phone call.

Fucking. Perkins.

That piece of shit wanted to see if I was okay. I had no idea what the fuck he was on, but fuck it I’ve completely ruined my life so far,so now what did I have left.?We met at a Starbucks and he bought me coffee. Didn’t really do much talking because I swear to god everyone was staring at me. Which, to be fair, I looked like shit. I hadn’t change clothes or showered in days.He tried starting a conversation but I dunno. I really wasn’t in the mood. It wasn’t till I got up to leave that he asked me where the fuck I was staying at and I told him I didn’t fucking know. So guess what he does?

He puts me up in a hotel for the week and then drops five-hundred dollars in cash before telling me he’ll check in on me during the weekend. Fucking sweetheart right? I didn’t know what to say or do, so I did the only thing I could think of doing. I hit the store, got me a bottle of whiskey and got drunk. Real fucking drunk.

When I see the kid the following week, he pays for another week and hands me a refurbished laptop. I’m not sure why he’s doing this or what he thinks to gain, but if he’s trying to win me over I can’t say that its not working. He’s insisting that I call him by his first name, which happens to be Sean. But he’s been spending every weekend with me, making sure I got somewhere to stay and money for food. I’m…I’m actually starting to regret breaking his jaw.

So. I guess it turns out that all that stalking stuff was simple coincidences. The day I was in Gunny’s office, he’d been called there too to speak to him about being new. The times he was on my deck he’d been looking for another NCO and had simply gotten the room numbers wrong.

He admitted to being a moron, and found it weird that he kept running into me. He’d failed his PFT and had been trying to work on improving. And then there was the time he’d been invited to a party with his buddies, had saw someone slip something into my drink and was trying to warn me away from it.

Fuck me I’ve been such a cunt to this kid and he’d done nothing. As for why he called me,  he said he’d felt bad for what happened. That he heard people talking about what a huge disgrace and piece of shit I was and he wanted to let me know that even though I was bitch to him, that not everyone felt that way.

We slept together that weekend. Apparently the first girl he’s ever been with he started crying about wanting to wait till marriage and shit. So…I told his dumb ass to marry me later and it would be square. In the mean-time I’d go pay him back for helping out.

There’s this site, called Fapnwatch. You pretty much get on camera, and jerk off while people watch. Easy money, and alot better than going to clist and begging to suck dick. I’ll do this for Sean. I owe him as much.

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Diary of Corporal Ragowski, Regina U.S.M.C entry-7

Yeah so. Shit been a long while here. Have lots to catch up on. Where the hell do I start?

Okay, first thing. This year has been shit. I’m not going to be able to re-enlist. Ran into that Lieutenant during MCMAP training. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Normally, I’m an instructor in the course, but I chose to actually just sit the training out and sandbag my way though. I only joined because it was a way for me to just get away from everyone and do something for me. So, we’re rolling and the Lieutenant ends up being my rolling partner and during our match he grabs my tits. At first I thought it was an accident, but it just kept happening. So during our break I simply warned him that I’d break his hands if he did it again. And what does he do? Well, next day, first match he fucking grabs my chest. Its seriously fucking blatant and Ssgt Klemowski sees this shit. Before he can yell anything, I broke that grimey little bastards fingers. Then his hands. Then his arms. I think I might’ve cracked his shin too, but I was too fucking mad. It took three Marines to pull me off that mother fucker. I’m definitely sure I shattered his knee though. Take that you walking fuck stick. But yeah, got written up for that even though witnesses told the commander self-defense.

Second incident…well I’m broke as shit. Had to sell my  car and some other shit because I needed to send money home to dad. He got diagnosed with cancer and insurance wouldn’t cover the chemo or some shit, so I’ve been sending everything home to help, but I barely have enough to buy water. So what do I do? I put some ads out on craigslist. Yeah, not really the best thing to do in a Marine Corps town, but fuck I needed the fucking cash so fucking bad. Got enough money to buy a bottle of jack…said fuck it and got smashed up here in the barracks. There was party on deck so I decided I’d go join in the fun. Beer pong and people being stupid, loud country music, females getting attention by making out with each other and everyone just being dumb. Fuck it, great times. Until I spot fucking bitch ass boot fucking Perkins. Seriously!!? So I’m blitzed beyond my normal rational reaction and he tries talking to me. I can’t hear a goddamn thing because of the music and he tries to put a hand on my hip.

Nope. Not having it. I pushed him hard enough to bump into another Marine, who spilled beer on this female from D co. I swear the brawl was glorious, and I bolted to my room as the fists started flying. Except CQ caught me and called the fucking MPs. So I spent the rest of the night in the drunk tank. Great-fucking going. Got written up for that shit.

Third and final incident. The one thats getting me kicked out. I went to see my new commander. He wanted to talk about me, getting my shit straight. But I dunno. I’ve been so stressed that I was barely listening to him. It wasn’t until he asked me what I was willing to do, in order to stay in. He got real close and in my face and I don’t know why or how. But I just…flipped. 1stSgt had me in an armlock and I spent another three days in the brig. I can’t stop shaking. I honestly don’t know what the fuck has happened between coming back home and just trying to get promoted.

Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m getting busted again anyway and I’ll probably be kicked out by the end of the month. Fuck everyone though.

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Diary of Corporal Ragowski, Regina U.S.M.C entry-6

So….its been a few weeks. Shit has kinda gone downhill. They took my fucking chevrons…

Its such fucking bullshit. So, while the Commanders investigation concluded that Gunny and Staff Sergeant were purposely withholding my promotion packet, I’m still responsible for breaking Perkin’s jaw, and for conduct unbecoming a Marine…they jacked my stripes. All this to ‘teach me how to control myself.’ Seriously. What the ever-living fuck man? I haven’t cried so much since Sgt Nelson died in that I.E.D attack. I’ve been moved companies. Had to pack up all my shit and hump it over to C Co. I can’t even work on vehicles for the time-being. They have me shuffling papers because ‘You’re a female and this’ll be less stressful on you.’ Fuck off.

Seriously, everyone can fuck off. Far as I’m concerned. I’ve been stuck in a room with a new nasty ass Private who can’t be bothered to clean up after herself. Both, her and her fucking boyfriend eat up all my shit while I’m gone. I threatened to break their arms if I ever caught them. But fuck I’m just…stuck with this douche-bags. They party every night, yelling up and down the deck…just making noise and being loud and shitty and annoying as fuck all damn night. And its not even friday or a 96.

I’m so fucking sick of this place I want to leave already. They’re taking my money too, so I can’t fucking pay my car payment or anything else. Not sure where the fuck I’m going to find the money, and I really don’t want to ask mom or dad to borrow cash. Its…god this is such bullshit. I ran into that Lieutenant again at the gym and he gave this weird creepy grin as I was doing squats. A Gunny from another company saw him and stopped him as he was about to come up and talk to me. Thank fuck, I really don’t need this shit right now. Actually, know what I need to do? I need to get the fuck out of the barracks. I can’t stand all this noise and bullshit. Going to hit the bar and drink and think and hopefully get my mind straight.

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Diary of Corporal Ragowski, Regina U.S.M.C entry-5

As if life can’t get any fucking worse I’ve been written up for breaking Perkins’ jaw. Oops. Didn’t realized I punched him that hard. Luckily, the Captain got wind of everything that’s been going on and I no longer have to report to either of those fat greasy fucks for the next couple of weeks while the investigation goes on. Which means my promotion is on hold and I’m going to fucking miss my goddamn window. He said he’d take everything into account but I’m not to have any contact with anyone from the platoon in the meantime. This is bogus. I’ve never..EVER been in trouble here. Like ever. I’m never late, I do my job…god. I’m pretty sure I’m the only female here that hasn’t fucked anyone in the company or battalion.I can feel the hate and disgust behind everyone’s eyes. The rumor mill is going full blast and like everything that gets spread by word of mouth, the story is all fucked and wrong. I honestly don’t care what the fuck they think or say. I’m kinda tired of it all. I’m skipping the gym tonight and spending my night with Jack Daniels and netflix. Jack seems to be the only one around here that isn’t interested in fucking me. Literally and literally.

I called dad today to talk. It made me feel a bit better, but…still I’m scared. If SSgt fucktard had just turned my packet in, none of this would’ve happened. Fuck. I debated if I should go see Perkins and apologize but I don’t want to give that dude any ideas. I kinda feel bad…okay not really. I’m more pissed than anything. I’ve done so much for everyone and these guys treat me like a fucking pariah. AND on top of all this shit, we get some boot-ass West Point faggot ass Lieutenant that thinks he’s the shit. He’s given me that look too. Undressed me with his eyes and eye-fucked me and shit. Going to have to stay away from him too. I’m seriously not down for any of this bullshit.

Well, I’m not sure what else I’m going to do. I don’t plan on leaving the barracks unless I have too. Gym-barracks-work-gym-gym-gym-gym-gym-gym until I die. But tonight, Jack and Netflix. I hope they got Ghostbusters. Bill Murray is my hero.

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Diary of Corporal Ragowski, Regina U.S.M.C entry-4

Okay, once again cutting scores came out and…nothing. Seriously WHAT THE EVER LIVING FUCK is going on here? I hand-walked my packet and turned it in after updating all my shit. Weapons, good. PFT? Another personal record of 290. I killed that run at 17:50. Everything short of actually going to Sergeants school I’m fucking gold. So what happened? Fucking Gunny had my packet pulled. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with these cunts? I don’t even make it in for work call before he calls me into his office to ‘discuss’ somethings. Fine, sure.

“Cpl.Ragowski, do you know why I pulled your packet?” He asks. I answered no, and he goes on this really retarded diatribe about how he doesn’t feel that I have what it takes to be a Sergeant. That my leadership isn’t up to par with his standards yadda yadda. Glad he said that, because I threw it right back at him.

“Well Gunny, I’m confused. What part of my leadership is lacking? My squads PFT average is two-seventy or higher. No one in my squad has gotten any sort of negative reviews or NJP for over two-hundred and forty days. Everyone in the squad is enrolled in College, or is about to receive their degrees. Barracks are spot-less…and the only Marine that is of any issue is Perkins…and thats only because he’s a boot and still learning. He can’t tell the difference between standard and metric, but he’s still a decent mechanic. ”

“Well maybe you should spend more time with him.” When he said this I nearly threw up in my mouth. I’m pretty sure I burped trying to swallow it back down. Fuck that. The kid gives me the fucking creeps.

So, that fat fuck sees my reaction and laughs. He grabs my packet, looks it over and laughs about how if I was a better Marine, I probably would’ve been promoted two months ago. Then…and then this stupid fat piece of shit does the most disgusting thing. He says, “Maybe if you were nicer to the Staff NCOs…that might help you out.” Awkward? Yeah but I was prepared for it.

“I treat everyone with respect Gunny Sergeant,” He grins as if I’m full of shit. He then sits in his chair and tells me I don’t really want to get promoted then. Confused as fuck I tell him I really do and that I’d suck off Chesty Puller’s dead skeleton if I had to. Talk about bad choice of words. Fat fuck gets up, locks his door…and sits back down and says and I quote “Well just call me Chesty.”

Fuck. THAT. SHIT. I think i broke his door as I bolted the fuck out of there. And guess what little dip-shit is out there sitting outside of Gunny’s office? FUCKING BATSHIT STALKER FUCKING PERKINS! He gets up to say something to me and I don’t believe I have ever punched a mother fucker as hard and as fast as I did as I walked by. My fucking god what the hell is going on? Who the fuck did I piss off here?

Its funny you know. During our deployment, everyone couldn’t stop singing my praises, but the fucking second we get back everyone starts to lose their fucking shit. These are not the Marines I knew and loved like brothers. I mean really, did these bastards forget that every fucking thanksgiving I stay behind and cook for everyone that can’t go home? That I do that for every 96 and block leave? Seriously what the fuck? Such fucking horseshit I swear.


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Diary of Corporal Ragowski, Regina U.S.M.C entry-3

Cutting scores came out today. I checked the list and was fucking pissed to not see my name up there. I had a guaranteed fucking high score. There’s no fucking way I could NOT be selected. So I walked to SSgt.Delgadillo’s office…and was surprised…no… fucking pissed to fucking hell to see that my packet was still sitting on that fat-bastards desk. It took everything I had to not flip every goddamn thing in there. So I walk in and he just smiles at me. He fucking knew…fucking knew and purposely acted like he didn’t know shit. Okay mother fucker. I got you. I know he likes to stay late so he can fuck Lcpl. Blaire in the office…so I waited. Sure enough little bitch likes to keep appointments. He soon found his tires slashed and gutted. Thankfully, I know where the cameras are so it was easy to pull Force Recon on that mother fucker.  You like to stay late and dick people over? Fine. Here you go. Fuck you. I think Gunny is in on it too. Can’t prove it, but I know both those fuck-sticks don’t like me. Not sure why? I keep to myself, my Marines are taken care of…

I mean, all I do is gym-chow-work-gym-rackout and repeat. The only way I could have any less of a life is if I was a Nun. “You need to participate more during Platoon Functions.” Yeah…sorry no. Not into participating in your orgies and coke parties Staff Sergeant. Nope. Not this girl. I’ve always warned my Marines away from that shit too. ‘Unit Function my ass.’

I seriously can’t believe this shit. I should be getting promoted next month but fuck nuts didn’t even bother turning my shit in. Thats fine. I snatched it before I left. I’m going to hand walk that mother fucker in myself. I’ll still need to make cut-off but whatever. Its in the fucking bag.

And fucking Perkins! Holy shit I know this little bastard is stalking me now. Little shit was at the gym early in the morning on the treadmill. Which, okay whatever everyone uses the gym, nothing against that. But I go to chow, he’s there. Stopped by the NEX to grab water for my mini-fridge, and he’s there ‘browsing’ the magazines. Seriously, I know that our little grid-square on post isn’t that big, but fuck man. He was outside Staff Sergeants office picking his ugly little nose went I came out. When I went to go slash that mother fuckers tires, he was standing in the breezeway on my deck. Mother fucker doesn’t even live here. I didn’t have time to hand him a new ass chewing, but fuck it. He followed me downstairs like he was going to go to the gym cause 1830 is usually when I got hit that bitch. He looked surprised when I started jogging and he tried to join me, but I dusted him super quick.

Fuck that guy. Fuck everyone right now.  Tomorrow, walk that packet in myself, get one over on everyone and re-enlist to get the fuck outta here. Hopefully, before I break Perkins’ face.

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Diary of Corporal Ragowski, Regina U.S.M.C entry-2

What a fucking day today. First thing, I had my PFT, and I smashed that mother fucker setting a new personal record. I didn’t do as many pull-ups as I wanted, but I still smashed it. Eighteen pull-ups, ninety-five crunches,  and a eighteen forty on my three-mile run. I saw SSgt Delgadillo’s jaw hit the deck as he saw my scores. Fuck you dude. I’m the goddamn momma lion round here. Gunny had nothing to say either. Nothing but fucking grunts and shits. Best fucking day ever right? Well, kinda. I turned my promotion packet in trying not to smile and Staff Sergeant just glared at me. Fuck you dude. Nothing short of General Mattis’ himself can stop this packet from going forward. I can’t wait till cutting scores come out. I’m gold. Rest of the day was great, until I saw boot-ass Perkins sniffing around my deck as I came back from the gym. I was tired, sweaty and had my towel draped around my shoulders, jamming out to Alexisonfire Not sure why I decided to hide. I could take that scrawny dopey-ass kid. But, he was hanging around my door holding something. Love letter maybe? If it was…what a fucking clown. I’d rather be caught masturbating in front of Battalion. Anyway coming back to my senses, I step out from behind the CQ desk and head to my room.

He spots me real quick and gives me the puppy eyes.

“Corporal Ragowski,” Are the only words he manages to get out of his boot-ass mouth.

“Private what the fuck are you doing on my deck? Were you planning to raid my panty drawer? You’ll be disappointed to know that there are no panties there for you to sniff, unless you can appreciated the fermented smell of tampons from my trash can.” I can’t remember the rest of my rant, but it was funny as fuck. Funny until I realized that I’d generated a crowd…and everyone decided to start laughing their asses off.

Mother fuckers needed to mind their buisness. Sgt.Greer was on deck and had to tell people to settle down. Perkins ran off like a little pussy, tail between his legs and tears in his eyes. I kinda feel sorry for him. I’m his crush and I probably destroyed his heart. Which is good. Last thing I need is the rumor mill passing along that I’m working on my back and knees.  Not that I care what any of these pieces of shit think, but I’m the momma lion. Which, you know what. I’m going to go remind that little shit just who the fuck I am. If he thinks he can come to my deck and embarrass me like that. I’ll also had to talk to Sgt.Greer and see if he logged the incident. He’ll change it. That douche bag has a thing for me too, but at least he’s professional about it.

I swear whats with these sissy-ass hormonal men? If I wanted drama I’d start dating women again. Over it. Actually, I’m gonna hit the NEX, get some booze and relax. But fuck, cutting scores next week and I’m out this bitch! HAHA!