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Diary of Corporal Ragowski, Regina U.S.M.C

New diary. Lost the old one during pack out. Not really sure if the packers went through my shit, or if I just lost it. So new entry here.

So I’m up for promotion this year which is outright fucking awesome. While I ‘ll probably continue to deal with SSgt Delgadillo or GySgt Espinoza and their bullshit. “You’re too easy on the guys Cpl Ragowski.” Bullshit. None of my Marines are unsat in any fucking way. Except for Perkins. But that’s not his fault cause he’s still a boot and only recently joined us. But I know those fuckers won’t care. But fuck them right? I don’t know why they don’t like me, and honestly I don’t care. They can’t argue that I did everything in my power to bring my Marines home safe. No NJPs, no misbehavior. I was the goddamn mother lion out there. I dare those fucktards to fuck with me or my cubs.

Anyway, time to hit the gym. I need to be sure that I max out this PFT, for when I put this packet together.