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Diary of Corporal Ragowski, Regina U.S.M.C entry-3

Cutting scores came out today. I checked the list and was fucking pissed to not see my name up there. I had a guaranteed fucking high score. There’s no fucking way I could NOT be selected. So I walked to SSgt.Delgadillo’s office…and was surprised…no… fucking pissed to fucking hell to see that my packet was still sitting on that fat-bastards desk. It took everything I had to not flip every goddamn thing in there. So I walk in and he just smiles at me. He fucking knew…fucking knew and purposely acted like he didn’t know shit. Okay mother fucker. I got you. I know he likes to stay late so he can fuck Lcpl. Blaire in the office…so I waited. Sure enough little bitch likes to keep appointments. He soon found his tires slashed and gutted. Thankfully, I know where the cameras are so it was easy to pull Force Recon on that mother fucker.  You like to stay late and dick people over? Fine. Here you go. Fuck you. I think Gunny is in on it too. Can’t prove it, but I know both those fuck-sticks don’t like me. Not sure why? I keep to myself, my Marines are taken care of…

I mean, all I do is gym-chow-work-gym-rackout and repeat. The only way I could have any less of a life is if I was a Nun. “You need to participate more during Platoon Functions.” Yeah…sorry no. Not into participating in your orgies and coke parties Staff Sergeant. Nope. Not this girl. I’ve always warned my Marines away from that shit too. ‘Unit Function my ass.’

I seriously can’t believe this shit. I should be getting promoted next month but fuck nuts didn’t even bother turning my shit in. Thats fine. I snatched it before I left. I’m going to hand walk that mother fucker in myself. I’ll still need to make cut-off but whatever. Its in the fucking bag.

And fucking Perkins! Holy shit I know this little bastard is stalking me now. Little shit was at the gym early in the morning on the treadmill. Which, okay whatever everyone uses the gym, nothing against that. But I go to chow, he’s there. Stopped by the NEX to grab water for my mini-fridge, and he’s there ‘browsing’ the magazines. Seriously, I know that our little grid-square on post isn’t that big, but fuck man. He was outside Staff Sergeants office picking his ugly little nose went I came out. When I went to go slash that mother fuckers tires, he was standing in the breezeway on my deck. Mother fucker doesn’t even live here. I didn’t have time to hand him a new ass chewing, but fuck it. He followed me downstairs like he was going to go to the gym cause 1830 is usually when I got hit that bitch. He looked surprised when I started jogging and he tried to join me, but I dusted him super quick.

Fuck that guy. Fuck everyone right now.  Tomorrow, walk that packet in myself, get one over on everyone and re-enlist to get the fuck outta here. Hopefully, before I break Perkins’ face.