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Diary of Corporal Ragowski, Regina U.S.M.C entry-5

As if life can’t get any fucking worse I’ve been written up for breaking Perkins’ jaw. Oops. Didn’t realized I punched him that hard. Luckily, the Captain got wind of everything that’s been going on and I no longer have to report to either of those fat greasy fucks for the next couple of weeks while the investigation goes on. Which means my promotion is on hold and I’m going to fucking miss my goddamn window. He said he’d take everything into account but I’m not to have any contact with anyone from the platoon in the meantime. This is bogus. I’ve never..EVER been in trouble here. Like ever. I’m never late, I do my job…god. I’m pretty sure I’m the only female here that hasn’t fucked anyone in the company or battalion.I can feel the hate and disgust behind everyone’s eyes. The rumor mill is going full blast and like everything that gets spread by word of mouth, the story is all fucked and wrong. I honestly don’t care what the fuck they think or say. I’m kinda tired of it all. I’m skipping the gym tonight and spending my night with Jack Daniels and netflix. Jack seems to be the only one around here that isn’t interested in fucking me. Literally and literally.

I called dad today to talk. It made me feel a bit better, but…still I’m scared. If SSgt fucktard had just turned my packet in, none of this would’ve happened. Fuck. I debated if I should go see Perkins and apologize but I don’t want to give that dude any ideas. I kinda feel bad…okay not really. I’m more pissed than anything. I’ve done so much for everyone and these guys treat me like a fucking pariah. AND on top of all this shit, we get some boot-ass West Point faggot ass Lieutenant that thinks he’s the shit. He’s given me that look too. Undressed me with his eyes and eye-fucked me and shit. Going to have to stay away from him too. I’m seriously not down for any of this bullshit.

Well, I’m not sure what else I’m going to do. I don’t plan on leaving the barracks unless I have too. Gym-barracks-work-gym-gym-gym-gym-gym-gym until I die. But tonight, Jack and Netflix. I hope they got Ghostbusters. Bill Murray is my hero.