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Diary of Corporal Ragowski, Regina U.S.M.C entry-7

Yeah so. Shit been a long while here. Have lots to catch up on. Where the hell do I start?

Okay, first thing. This year has been shit. I’m not going to be able to re-enlist. Ran into that Lieutenant during MCMAP training. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Normally, I’m an instructor in the course, but I chose to actually just sit the training out and sandbag my way though. I only joined because it was a way for me to just get away from everyone and do something for me. So, we’re rolling and the Lieutenant ends up being my rolling partner and during our match he grabs my tits. At first I thought it was an accident, but it just kept happening. So during our break I simply warned him that I’d break his hands if he did it again. And what does he do? Well, next day, first match he fucking grabs my chest. Its seriously fucking blatant and Ssgt Klemowski sees this shit. Before he can yell anything, I broke that grimey little bastards fingers. Then his hands. Then his arms. I think I might’ve cracked his shin too, but I was too fucking mad. It took three Marines to pull me off that mother fucker. I’m definitely sure I shattered his knee though. Take that you walking fuck stick. But yeah, got written up for that even though witnesses told the commander self-defense.

Second incident…well I’m broke as shit. Had to sell my  car and some other shit because I needed to send money home to dad. He got diagnosed with cancer and insurance wouldn’t cover the chemo or some shit, so I’ve been sending everything home to help, but I barely have enough to buy water. So what do I do? I put some ads out on craigslist. Yeah, not really the best thing to do in a Marine Corps town, but fuck I needed the fucking cash so fucking bad. Got enough money to buy a bottle of jack…said fuck it and got smashed up here in the barracks. There was party on deck so I decided I’d go join in the fun. Beer pong and people being stupid, loud country music, females getting attention by making out with each other and everyone just being dumb. Fuck it, great times. Until I spot fucking bitch ass boot fucking Perkins. Seriously!!? So I’m blitzed beyond my normal rational reaction and he tries talking to me. I can’t hear a goddamn thing because of the music and he tries to put a hand on my hip.

Nope. Not having it. I pushed him hard enough to bump into another Marine, who spilled beer on this female from D co. I swear the brawl was glorious, and I bolted to my room as the fists started flying. Except CQ caught me and called the fucking MPs. So I spent the rest of the night in the drunk tank. Great-fucking going. Got written up for that shit.

Third and final incident. The one thats getting me kicked out. I went to see my new commander. He wanted to talk about me, getting my shit straight. But I dunno. I’ve been so stressed that I was barely listening to him. It wasn’t until he asked me what I was willing to do, in order to stay in. He got real close and in my face and I don’t know why or how. But I just…flipped. 1stSgt had me in an armlock and I spent another three days in the brig. I can’t stop shaking. I honestly don’t know what the fuck has happened between coming back home and just trying to get promoted.

Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m getting busted again anyway and I’ll probably be kicked out by the end of the month. Fuck everyone though.