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Diary of Regina Ragowski entry-8

Weird. This is just fucking weird.  So, I’m unceremoniously tossed out on my ass right. Well actually I was escorted to a hotel room and left there after assuring them that I had bought a plane ticket and flight back home. I didn’t. I didn’t have shit. All my crap is being shipped back home, but I can’t go back to face mom and dad. Only thing I have with me is my fucking phone, forty-bucks, and the fucking clothes on my back. So whats a girl to do?

I wandered Oceanside for weeks. Living on the street and going from shelter to shelter trying to find a nice safe place to kill myself. When I got the phone call.

Fucking. Perkins.

That piece of shit wanted to see if I was okay. I had no idea what the fuck he was on, but fuck it I’ve completely ruined my life so far,so now what did I have left.?We met at a Starbucks and he bought me coffee. Didn’t really do much talking because I swear to god everyone was staring at me. Which, to be fair, I looked like shit. I hadn’t change clothes or showered in days.He tried starting a conversation but I dunno. I really wasn’t in the mood. It wasn’t till I got up to leave that he asked me where the fuck I was staying at and I told him I didn’t fucking know. So guess what he does?

He puts me up in a hotel for the week and then drops five-hundred dollars in cash before telling me he’ll check in on me during the weekend. Fucking sweetheart right? I didn’t know what to say or do, so I did the only thing I could think of doing. I hit the store, got me a bottle of whiskey and got drunk. Real fucking drunk.

When I see the kid the following week, he pays for another week and hands me a refurbished laptop. I’m not sure why he’s doing this or what he thinks to gain, but if he’s trying to win me over I can’t say that its not working. He’s insisting that I call him by his first name, which happens to be Sean. But he’s been spending every weekend with me, making sure I got somewhere to stay and money for food. I’m…I’m actually starting to regret breaking his jaw.

So. I guess it turns out that all that stalking stuff was simple coincidences. The day I was in Gunny’s office, he’d been called there too to speak to him about being new. The times he was on my deck he’d been looking for another NCO and had simply gotten the room numbers wrong.

He admitted to being a moron, and found it weird that he kept running into me. He’d failed his PFT and had been trying to work on improving. And then there was the time he’d been invited to a party with his buddies, had saw someone slip something into my drink and was trying to warn me away from it.

Fuck me I’ve been such a cunt to this kid and he’d done nothing. As for why he called me,  he said he’d felt bad for what happened. That he heard people talking about what a huge disgrace and piece of shit I was and he wanted to let me know that even though I was bitch to him, that not everyone felt that way.

We slept together that weekend. Apparently the first girl he’s ever been with he started crying about wanting to wait till marriage and shit. So…I told his dumb ass to marry me later and it would be square. In the mean-time I’d go pay him back for helping out.

There’s this site, called Fapnwatch. You pretty much get on camera, and jerk off while people watch. Easy money, and alot better than going to clist and begging to suck dick. I’ll do this for Sean. I owe him as much.