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Diary of Regina Ragowski entry-9

Sorry, been a few months, but things have started looking better. First off, let me get this out of the way, Sean proposed to me last week and I said yes. He’s got family up in Modesto so we’re going to have to take a trip up there sometime to meet his folks. Anyway, before that happened, Sean found me an apartment and has been giving me his paychecks to cover rent. Which, if you’ve ever been to San Diego know that just a piece of shit one bedroom will run you up somewheres to two grand. In return I’ve been helping him improve himself as a Marine. He’ll be picking up Corporal pretty soon and you know what, I’m damn proud of the goofy little bastard.

I have to admit he’s grown on me so much now that I’m not quite sure what I’d ever do without him. Sure he’s still a basic boot ass, crayon eating fucktard. But he’s got some brains behind that half-brain dead stare of his. We have a joint account now, and I put as much money into as I can, even though his paycheck mostly goes in there to support me.

Thankfully I have a bunch of fans on Fapnwatch, so we’re doing okay. Its rough as shit but…it could be worse. When we get married though we won’t have to struggle or anything.

Oh yeah weird thing. The other day there was some terrorist attack at the border. There hasn’t been word about it for a few days, but they closed the border for now. A shame I always wanted to go to Mexico…haha not really I don’t wanna be kidnapped.

Anyway, whatever it is I’m sure Isis or some other rag head will claim it and we’ll go blow them up.

This weekend though we’re going to hit up L.A check out Hollywood and do some shopping. Though, I’d rather just uber it up there than take Seans shitty ass Prius. Anyway time to go turn the web cam on and make some more money. Actually, you know what? I’m a fucking idiot. I really should be out there hunting down some mechanic jobs. Well, here’s to better decisions.