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Final Update for the year


Well, seems as though this one will be the final update of the year, seeing as holidays are coming around and I need to be DRUNK. In the meantime I’ve received this fantastic page from Ren and I’m super excited to share! Its perfect and completely SFW. NSFW version will be available at my Patreon here

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End of a year, but beginning of an Era

ragszombie_pngWow so first of all, thanks out there to everyone that followed and donated. I have managed to raise roughly 120$ out of the 500$ that I needed to get this thing off to ground. To many, that would be an absolute failure…but not me. Failure is for pussies.

So whats been going on this month? Well, first thing you have to know, is that I was working on another project earlier this year and was hoping to have it completed around this time, or at least…possibly…75-80% done.


Well, I’m still waiting on the other person to fulfill their end of our deal, though I’m afraid they took my money and ran with it. Gnarly. So in the meantime, I started RAGS. And slowly I’ve been inching my way towards success and I think I might have discovered my niche…but at the end of the day I still need an audience, and for this type of work, I’m in desperate need of some marketing skills. But whatever.

So how does this all impact RAGS? Well it does in many ways. See, first I can’t really move forward with any large projects until I get this situation with this other dude taken care of. The artist I am with now has so far proven themselves reliable, though I’m still keeping my eyes open for someone who can tackle this beast full time. Ren has been fantastic so far and in the meantime, here’s a little preview of what has been worked on and created.


Anyhoo. That’s all I got for this year. Rest of it is going to be focused on Holidays and other crap until January. Also might have one more update but I’m not quite sure if and when that’ll be. Stay tuned folks!


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Shilling for shekles

Hey everyone, the creator, writer, planner and whatever of RAGS. Great news: Ren is will be working on the first five pages of our script this weekend. So hopefully either by the end of the year, or before then (fingers crossed for X-mas.) I’ll have something here to share. In the meantime we’re having a fund raiser at this Gofundme right HERE.

Also we’ve opened up a store at Tee-Spring which you can go ahead and order around HERE. The more funds we get, the more art-work we can get done and more merchandise we can throw up there. Be a pal and share with friends and family (At gunpoint if you have too. We won’t tell. Hell we might help you move the bodies…) and help us get this generation’s zombie version of Blazing Saddles off the ground.

And remember kids, when the zombie plague hits, don’t be caught with your pants down!

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Operation: Red Mist


Chapter 1

(Opening Scene)

“Crowd goes wild and applauses are heard all over the baseball stadium“

I didn’t know he can swing the bat like that he just homered the game winning run! – said Vincent excitingly

Yeah he’s doing pretty well this season and way better than his first year a season ago. – said Aunt Maria happily

It’s over 100 degrees looks like I need myself another drink to cool off from this god awful heat. – said Vincent

(Game Ends)

Good job at your game today getting the last winning run to end the game! – said Vincent

Thank you Vincent! I was so nervous at the mound I thought I was going to strike out for sure! But thank goodness the pressure was off of me after hitting the pitches foul a couple times. – said Carlos

Well let’s celebrate your victory tonight! We will take you out for dinner or cook you whatever you’d like. – said Aunt Maria

Hmm… Actually, we can just stay home and eat here. –said Carlos

“Aunt Maria turns on the television and starts flipping through the channels till there was an important news broadcast in every channel”

I can’t seem to find anything except the same broadcaster in every channel now. –said Aunt Maria frustrated

Well then just leave it on one of the channels and let’s see what the man has to say about the news. -said Vincent’s grandmother

“News coverage at the San Diego border has been completely demolished and gun shots are heard everywhere”

This just in as you can see there has been a terrorist attack at the U.S Border in San Diego and there has been what seems to be an airborne virus or smog embedded with the explosion! This “virus or types of smog” that is clearly seen with our very own eyes is spreading everywhere and making its way up in the sky spreading even more towards San Diego and to Tijuana. –said the news broadcaster

Who could have caused this act of terror at the U.S Border? Law enforcement is arriving at the scene along with the remaining survivors of the border patrol. -said the news broadcaster

“Vincent looks in disbelief and in total frustration watching the news”

Who just randomly blows up the border like that! –said Vincent furiously to his family

We are here visiting our family miles down Mexico and then this shit happens. –said Vincent to his grandmother

Whatever was in the explosion seems to be bad news. –said Vincent

Let’s just pray that our family in San Diego is fine and that your sister won’t be affected by this. –said Vincent’s grandmother

I hope not. I hope it doesn’t reach all the way to Los Angeles. –said Vincent sadly

“A couple days have passed and Vincent wakes up to his worst nightmare yet”

Chapter 2

It is dead silent when Vincent wakes up on a Sunday evening. There is no sign of life in his aunt’s house. He wanders inside the house and nothing.

Well this is odd. –said Vincent confused

Believing that his family usually heads off into another town to visit more family wasn’t the strange part, but not a single sign of life in general in this town has been made.

Where could they have gone? Why is this town so quiet all of a sudden? –said Vincent feeling even more confused

I guess I’ll just check this place out then and see if I can find some answers. –said Vincent

“Vincent steps out the house and makes his way out the gate door”

Thank goodness for this handy satellite phone I have. At least I can have some contact with my team back home. –said Vincent

“Vincent calls his team’s radio operator Reaper to get a status report”

Reaper this is Spector come in. Can you hear me? –said Vincent

Spector this is Reaper I can hear you! –said Reaper loudly

Woah no need to shout! Tell me what is wrong? Everything seems to be so noisy at your other end of line what’s going on! – said Vincent

Spector you would not believe what is going on down here in San Diego! We have lost our whole team and only three of us remain! –said Reaper

What the fuck are you talking about!? –said Vincent furiously

Spector the dead has risen up! –said Reaper

What do you mean the dead has risen up? –said Vincent confused

Spector, that terror attack that happened at the border a week ago caused this! That gas or virus or whatever the fuck you want to call it has entered the bodies of the deceased and made them come back to life! –said Reaper

Well where in the hell are you three remaining at? –said Vincent

The three of us are holding it down at a police station in Coronado. –said Reaper

Okay good. Are the three of you hurt? –said Vincent

No we’re fine. We have Bell with us taking care of Dozer and I. –said Reaper

Dozer is their medic and has been with Delta Force for the past 3 years.

Oh thank goodness Bell is with you guys! –said Vincent in relief

Yeah we’re fine, but these sneaky sons of bitches are scattered everywhere. –said Reaper

Just watch each other’s six. I’ll make my way towards you guys somehow someway. –said Vincent

You have a long way to go Spector! The three of us will get you out of that place ASAP. I’ll talk to Bell and see what we come up with. –said Reaper

Roger that- said Vincent

We’ll contact you soon and watch your six! –said Reaper

Thank you! –said Vincent

Chapter 3

“Call ends and now Vincent looks into the distance on the dirt roads to see only what he could not believe….A body lying covered in blood on the ground”

To Vincent’s horror he felt paranoid knowing that there is a cemetery only 5 minutes away walking distance. Knowing that there is a body lying on the ground he turns to the opposite way and starts wandering around the town in search of any kind of life.

Damn please God I hope this virus didn’t reach the town that my sister and I spent our main childhood growing up at. –said Vincent to himself sadly

Ugh well only one can hope for the best that my family is safe. –said Vincent

There is a church not far from where he is at and decides to see if anyone is in there. Vincent heads towards the church, but meanwhile all he sees in disgust is the corpses of men, women and children covered in blood scattered across the town.

Lord please keep my family and I safe from this living nightmare. –said Vincent

Vincent arrives in front of the doors of the church. The sun is starting to set rather quickly.

Fuck… –said Vincent

I hope the guys contact me already and give me good news. The sun is about to set soon. –said Vincent impatiently

Vincent opens the doors to the church and enters the building. To his horror he sees his family on the ground dead. Vincent couldn’t help it, but cry. Moments later he hears something in the church as if something or someone was grunting painfully. Vincent wanders a bit inside the church to only see in horror that the dead are waking up. Vincent rushes outside of the church to see that all the bodies are coming back to life. He runs back to his aunt’s house and while running decides to look towards the cemetery only to see every dead person walking out of there.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! –said Vincent panting

Vincent arrives at his aunt’s house merely avoiding every dead person wandering the streets. He enters the gate and locks it. Vincent enters the house in search of the car keys and any weapon he can find. To his amazement he finds a 357 magnum with two boxes of ammunition in his aunt’s dresser. Vincent finds the keys to the car and grabs the keys for the padlock that has the gate locked. He then heads outside of the house and starts the car and quickly unlocks the gate and opens it up. A zombie that was just waiting just outside the gate lunges at Vincent, but he just barely dodges the corpse and shoots it right on the head. Now that he knows that the shot alerted the rest of the zombies, Vincent quickly runs to the car and exits the area.

There’s a police station not too far from here. All I have to do is drive over the other side of town and pray to god that at least one officer is alive. –said Vincent desperately to himself

Vincent drives around heading towards the other side of the town until he suddenly brakes the car. A mob of zombies are gathered in front of him heading towards him. Vincent revs up the engine and starts driving towards the hoard of zombies. Unexpectedly the corpses run towards the car.

What the fuck! These stenches can run!? –said Vincent ecstatically

Vincent runs over the living corpses that ran towards him. Luckily nothing happened to the car and makes his way into the other side of town. He sees the police station and there is no sign of life inside the station. He parks the car near the station and looks on the rear side mirror and sees the zombies walking around.

Fuck I have got to make this quick and get inside the station. –said Vincent

As he exits the car door slowly, Vincent creeps towards the front of the station’s door. No luck it was locked.

Damn it. –said Vincent

I have to find another way inside the station. –said Vincent

Vincent heads towards the end of the street. He leans against the wall and peaks over towards the other side of the station. A couple zombies are just wondering around, but close to him is a fire escape ladder used to exit out the building. Vincent makes his way towards the ladder and starts to make his way up it. A zombie spots him and starts growling and running towards him. Vincent turns around and sees the corpse running towards him. He pulls out the 357 and shoots the zombie in the head. Alerted, the zombies hear the gun shot and heads toward him. Vincent quickly climbs up the ladder and makes it to the rooftop of the station. Now surrounded by zombies there is no way out of the station.

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In RAGS, there are many different types of Zombie types that Regina and her fellow survivors encounter. As the virus itself continues to mutate itself.

ZOMBIE: These are your typical walkers, however the more “fresh” the zombie itself is the more abilities it has. Nothing super natural, just simple things such as running. Door opening…minor stuff. Usually killed with a enough bullets or a headshot.

ZOMBIE JUGGERNAUT: Simply a stronger zombie (usually a celebrity of some kind.) that cannot be felled by normal means. Shotguns, and explosives are more effective against these types than typical small arms.

ZOMBIE SOLDIERS: While not as strong as the Juggernauts, Zombie Soldiers are at the beck and call of the Zombie Lord/ Lich King (Queen) in their area. These zombies are armored, carry whatever weapons they can find and perform simple tasks such as snatch and grabs and patrols. They mainly collect other living humans for the meat farms. Worker camps that double as slave labor and a food supply for the Zombie Lords.

ZOMBIE SENTINELS: These zombies are the inbetweens. Not quite full Zombie Lords, not quite full zombie. While they may fill the capacity of a Zombie Lord and help spread its influence, these beings are also known to enter into costumes, such as Mickey mouse or Chuck E. Cheese, in order to maintain whatever it is that they mutated into. They usually have tentacles for limbs and usually cannot be completely killed unless dismembered or set on fire.

Black-eyed Children: The sad thing about the zombie plague is the advent of the Black Eyed Children. These zombies actively work in pairs, seeking out survivor camps and knocking on doors begging to be let inside. Once inside, they explode causing chaos, death and of course, spreading of the mutated plague. Usually they are quickly followed by Zombie Soldiers set to pick up the survivors, while the dead eventually join their ranks.

ZOMBIE INFILTRATORS: These hybrid soldier-sentinels-juggernaut types usually can be programmed for a variety of tasks. Whether that be doing whatever it takes to maintain the appearance of being a normal human being, to piloting aircraft and vehicles. The stipulation being that they had to have performed the task while they were alive.

ZOMBIE LORDS: These Zombies display a high level of intelligence and can pass for an unmutated human being. How or when they died will usually be unknown to anyone but themselves. These beings though, have one thing in mind. Continue to spread the plague, and gather more food.

Lich Kings (Queens): Only Lindsey Stirling has achieved this high level zombie mutation. She has shown to has retained all of her humanity and actively seeks out survivors to save and protect from the plague. She also has the ability to convert any and every zombie to her cause, granted that she is able to reach her violin and plague a song to enthrall them.