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In RAGS, there are many different types of Zombie types that Regina and her fellow survivors encounter. As the virus itself continues to mutate itself.

ZOMBIE: These are your typical walkers, however the more “fresh” the zombie itself is the more abilities it has. Nothing super natural, just simple things such as running. Door opening…minor stuff. Usually killed with a enough bullets or a headshot.

ZOMBIE JUGGERNAUT: Simply a stronger zombie (usually a celebrity of some kind.) that cannot be felled by normal means. Shotguns, and explosives are more effective against these types than typical small arms.

ZOMBIE SOLDIERS: While not as strong as the Juggernauts, Zombie Soldiers are at the beck and call of the Zombie Lord/ Lich King (Queen) in their area. These zombies are armored, carry whatever weapons they can find and perform simple tasks such as snatch and grabs and patrols. They mainly collect other living humans for the meat farms. Worker camps that double as slave labor and a food supply for the Zombie Lords.

ZOMBIE SENTINELS: These zombies are the inbetweens. Not quite full Zombie Lords, not quite full zombie. While they may fill the capacity of a Zombie Lord and help spread its influence, these beings are also known to enter into costumes, such as Mickey mouse or Chuck E. Cheese, in order to maintain whatever it is that they mutated into. They usually have tentacles for limbs and usually cannot be completely killed unless dismembered or set on fire.

Black-eyed Children: The sad thing about the zombie plague is the advent of the Black Eyed Children. These zombies actively work in pairs, seeking out survivor camps and knocking on doors begging to be let inside. Once inside, they explode causing chaos, death and of course, spreading of the mutated plague. Usually they are quickly followed by Zombie Soldiers set to pick up the survivors, while the dead eventually join their ranks.

ZOMBIE INFILTRATORS: These hybrid soldier-sentinels-juggernaut types usually can be programmed for a variety of tasks. Whether that be doing whatever it takes to maintain the appearance of being a normal human being, to piloting aircraft and vehicles. The stipulation being that they had to have performed the task while they were alive.

ZOMBIE LORDS: These Zombies display a high level of intelligence and can pass for an unmutated human being. How or when they died will usually be unknown to anyone but themselves. These beings though, have one thing in mind. Continue to spread the plague, and gather more food.

Lich Kings (Queens): Only Lindsey Stirling has achieved this high level zombie mutation. She has shown to has retained all of her humanity and actively seeks out survivors to save and protect from the plague. She also has the ability to convert any and every zombie to her cause, granted that she is able to reach her violin and plague a song to enthrall them.