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Shilling for shekles

Hey everyone, the creator, writer, planner and whatever of RAGS. Great news: Ren is will be working on the first five pages of our script this weekend. So hopefully either by the end of the year, or before then (fingers crossed for X-mas.) I’ll have something here to share. In the meantime we’re having a fund raiser at this Gofundme right HERE.

Also we’ve opened up a store at Tee-Spring which you can go ahead and order around HERE. The more funds we get, the more art-work we can get done and more merchandise we can throw up there. Be a pal and share with friends and family (At gunpoint if you have too. We won’t tell. Hell we might help you move the bodies…) and help us get this generation’s zombie version of Blazing Saddles off the ground.

And remember kids, when the zombie plague hits, don’t be caught with your pants down!