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First January update!

Happy New Year everyone! First week of January was long and tumultuous but FINALLY I have something underway. This weeks update consists of the new page sketch I’ve received that commemorates the partnership between myself and Jey. This should be great. Jey, himself is selling some comic pages which you can check out here . Its to raise money for the Chemo Therapy of a family member of his, so please help him out by all means.

The plan for this year is to have updates of some sort per-week or monthly at the least. Hopefully by mid-month I’ll be able to start posting the completed pages, however those may be hosted on my Patreon page. I haven’t fully decided yet.

Anyway before I go, here’s the links once again to the T-shirt store if you wish to support the comic. As always any and all support is appreciated. Even if you do nothing more than share this site with a friend that will help out alot. Alright kids, enjoy the page sketch below.