RAGS: Page 6 inked


This months page update is here. Hopefully should be seeing the finished 10 pages coming up here soon. Also, update on a different project: It SHOULD be done by next tuesday. There’s been so much back and forth with this artist that I have reached a point where I was completely fed up. I find it funny how people tend to have a sudden sense of urgency and change their tunes once you start asking for your money back. And then send them a paypal invoice. Offers of compensation are usually fine…however when a person decides to simply fall off the map for months and months and months, you hit a point where compensation is no longer an enticing offer and you simply want your money back. Anyway, here’s the pages to the unrelated project.

Exiles_24b.jpgExiles_25bExiles_26bExiles_27b (1)