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My Daddy hits me harder!


The above image is a new commission in the works by Sasha, one of my favorite artists. You can follow her here on Deviant art. Always open for Commissions and what not. Recently I’ve decided to axe the Teespring store in favor of the a new Tee-Public Storefront, but I’m leaving both up for the time being in order to see if Tee-Public is worth it. They offer a large range of merchandise and things people have been asking for so…why the hell not? Also, recently I did a short interview with my friend Ally in regards to whats going on. I probably posted on the page before but ya know putting it here again isn’t such a bad idea.

You can watch the Interview here.

Welp I also have one more surprise in store and that’ll be the last of the SEASON 1 commission work for sometime. Also  just to let everyone know I’m still working on things I’ll leave you with this image below. Enjoy! take care and thanks for all the support!

page 10 sketch