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My Daddy Buys Me T-shirts *Update for May*

My Daddy Hits Me Harder!

T-shirt designed by Sasha Sacurova is now up on T-Spring bringing a marvelous end to the Season 1 Artwork! Pick yours up here Teespring click me while I create the Teepublic design sometime later this week.

AND while I have your ear here I have a *kinda* HUGE announcement. By the end of the month I should finally have the first 10 pages of RAGS packaged and ready to go. Yes I know its not much but I was only able to secure funding for five pages before putting forth my own money to cover the next five pages for a complete total of 10. So yes expect that to come at the end of the month, possible beginning of next month at the latest as I work to package everything together.

I just want to take a moment and take a moment to thank a bunch of people who have helped me make this a deal:

Trent ‘Boo Bear Biscuit’ Luther

Rudy ‘Sangrar machismo’ Vallejo

Heaven Perez

Candy ‘I still get more pussy than you.’ Dax

Christian Rocamora

Adriel ‘Dammit Yepiz!’ Yepiz

Nicholas Williams

Tim Cook

Stephanie Soika

Kolodzik- Racism taste like chicken.

Kristen “Colby Jack” Taylor

Morgan ‘This IS MY resting Bitch Face’ Marino

Deanne Vicedo: Editor of round 1

Robert ‘Goblin’ Osborne

Whoever that guy James was…actually oh shit that was Alcorn my bad.

Angel ‘Too Feely’ MacNealy (Formely Razorfen Downsyndrome)

Danyelle ‘I just wanna dance’ Domino

Joshua ‘I use Blanka like Sam because I don’t have any real skills in street fighter and this is the only character I know how to use because all I have to do is spam one button because I’m a punk-ass double digit midget cherry jumper’ Foster…

Eric ‘I always have perfect hair.’ Tseng.

Kyle ‘Whos the Captain Now?’ Bracket


Cynthia Lazo….or was that Varella…Valazo? Larella? Whateva.

Balam ‘Leave Emma alone!’ Godoy

Marceline Liu and Liz Finnegan for allowing me use of their likeness’

Everyone listed helped either behind the scenes or financially and helped me get funding for the first five pages! Well in any case I got something special planned that will be the end of the Season 1 Artwork and poster as I head out to figure out what my next steps are and what they should be.