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So I’ve been messing with photoshop…

So I got bored and bought myself Photoshop because G.i.m.p2 wasn’t doing everything i needed it to do…or rather I’m not too sure what I was doing and stuff. So, yeah I just screwed around and made these.


Anyway feel free to comment to let me know what you think.




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Tactical Onesies: New from Kigurumi

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Just a quick update. Need to do some rendering and then toss the logo onto the images. Finished images will be added to the teepublic store and made available for purchase. Anyway if you like this, hit that like button, share with your pals. If you’d like to see me continue you can donate to me here via paypal or Patreon.

Thanks again and I hope to see you guys soon.





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Grey tones and bones

So the grey tones are in and already uploaded to the patreon page. Go and click that link that’s right here: Patreon Link click me! and hit that heart button or leave a comment. And ya know I’m nice so here ya go. A single sheet for those that follow the blog.



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Regina Vs


My love of zombies began once upon a time back in 1996 with Resident Evil for the PS1 (the game, not the movies. The movies are garbage as fuq) So who else would Regina battle for title of Zombie Killer? Jill Valentine of course!

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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