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The Defenders: Review


Good morning battles! So I just finished watching Marvels: THE DEFENDERS and well… here’s my review.

The series starts off with Danny Rand and Collen tracking down some guy who ends up getting killed by Elektra. I can’t remember his name so I suppose we’ll call him “Captain McGuffin.”. So after the Captain gets offed we cut over to Jessica Jones who’s still suffering from that huge amount of Apathy she’s stockpiled since we last saw her at the end of Jessica Jones Season 1. After rebuking a client and her daughter (something I noticed to be a trend from her first season. She only really accepts jobs from women….and their daughters. Hmmm…) she gets a mysterious phone call telling her: “Don’t investigate.” which causes her to say “No one puts baby in the corner! Hold my beer I’m investigating.”

Next we get the man that carries the entire series on his shoulders: Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock. Who is in the middle of winning another Pro-Bono Lawsuit with his eyes closed…erm…open…well he’s blind so yeah whatever.

Lastly we catch up with Luke Cage who is finally getting released from prison…and proceeds to promptly smash Night Nurse is an nearly Skinimax style sex rope that was probably unnecessary, or needed to be ended earlier.

While then we are introduced to Sigourney Weavers character (full disclosure I’ve had a crush on her since Ghostbusters…still kinda do) as the Big Bad Alexandra, thumb of the hand. The show eventually places all the players together for some halfway decent fightscenes that involve way too much wasted movements that I suppose fight choreographers deem stylish and cool. The most unbelievable thing is Matt fighting thugs with shotguns and being able to-sans his Daredevil suit- to dodge a shotgun spread. While I’ll accepted that the choreography is much better than Iron-Fists, Jessica Jones looks the most out of place as, as she so puts it so lovely “Am I the only one here that doesn’t know kung fu?”

The best fight choreography comes at the Chinese Restaurant when they all finally start using their powers in tandem. Luke and Danny play very well off of each other while Matt and Jessica are able to hold their own.

While you would be duped into thinking that there would be signs of Luke and Danny forming some sort of bond…its just not there. Their interactions are boring or grinding at best. Early on, Luke confronts Danny about his “White privileged existence.” when, Danny lost his entire family when he was five and is still a babe in the world. A matter of fact, Danny needs a father figure. Someone to offer him a bit of guidance and I’m amazed Luke didn’t see this, considering he’s the patron negro of harlem.

The only true on screen interactions that were truly believable were: Danny and Colleen. Colleen vs┬áBokudo. Matt and Jessica. Luke Cage’s penis and Night Nurse. Oh yeah that old guy stick and Matt.

Outside of heroes relationships I also had some issues with the villains. The hand, who are touted as being all-encompassing-sorts-of-badass, are easily dispatched and are terribly underwhelming. They are diverse, sure but that does nothing for the group as they are disjointed and cannot come together to stop a blind ninja, a drunk discount wonder-woman, a cry-baby with a glowing fist, and a bulletproof Trayvon Martin. Matter of fact, The Defenders uses what a I like to call the “Hell-Face-Turn.” in order to trick you near the end with who the Big Bad Villain is.

Overall though, Charlie Cox, Sigourney Weaver, Krysten Ritter, Rosario Dawson, Wai Ching Ho all deliver fun memorable performances though their co-stars can’t really seem to pick up much to the slack. Maybe this is because they attempted to cram a bunch of things into 8 episodes when they could’ve used the extra two. All-in-all I rate this show 6/10. Could be better, but suffers from the infantilization of Danny and the underwhelming threat of the five fingers of the hand.