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Minor Characters, Availability and a Review!

Good Morning Battles! Things are slowly chugging along. First bit of Newsy News is that I got some more Minor Characters in. So give a nice round of applause to the New Guys:

SPC.Morton, Natasha

Specialist (SPC) Natasha Morton is a California National Guardsmen from the 79th IBCT. Part of the task force put together by Tier 1 Delta Operator MSG Bell, she’s wound up trapped in Paso Robles along with Mitchell, Luna, Flores and Reyes. Before the plague she was a Paralegal with the Law Firm, Narvarro & Murray.

SPC Reyes, Adriel

Specialist Adriel Reyes is a California National Guardsmen from the 79th IBCT. He’s a Cyber Security Specialist and not really suited for combat operations. A former ArtilleryMan, Reyes prefers servers and building Networks and being in the office. Very opposed to violence though, after seeing the destructive power of the plague, finds himself conflicted with what HAS to be done and what NEEDS to be done.


Marine Corporal Sean Perkins is Regina’s fiance. Though she has blocked out their initial meeting, Sean has known Regina for the majority of his Military Career. He believes in the Corps and wants nothing more than to become a good Marine. However being in a relationship with Regina has slowed his career progression more than he would like to admit. He constantly has to leave work in order to clean up and look after Regina and her addictions. While frustrated with her, he does love her dearly and wishes for her to be the Marine he used to look up to.

Lance Corporal Rachel Simpson

Lance Corporal Rachel Simpson was Regina’s subordinate and lover while they were Marines. Rachel was also a mechanic, however she had an eclectic memory which she used to learn multiple languages. She was selected by MARSOC Vagabond Platoon to be their translator. Rachel loved children and had only enlisted to claim the education benefits given by the military. Unfortunately she died of her wounds after being struck by a Rocket Propelled Grenade. Though against violence she loved being a Marine and loved tattoo’s. Regina, would later take Rachel’s tattoos and make them her own.


Now with those introductions out of the way, our revised Prologue Chapter is available for purchase over at Comixcentral¬†and in the meantime I’ve also gotten a great review from Captain Frugal which you can watch here: Honest Review

And that’s all I have for today Battles. Also just testing this out. If anyone’s keen and whats to support this Rag (lol okay bad pun) just scan this nifty lil QR code below.