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Last Minor Character Update!

Hey battles! Time for another update. If you follow me on Patreon or Instagram then you’ve probably already seen this already. But for those that don’t, here we go:

Specialist (SPC) Mitchell.

If the kit and weaponry from Mitchell look familiar…then there’s good reason for that. I suppose that’s a minor spoiler for those people not in the know. Very excited to see Mitch come life. Later I’ll do feature with everyone and give their backgrounds and motivations.

In other great news:


I’ve released the revised chapter in its entirety onĀ Comixcentral. So if you don’t want to wait over the next 13weeks to see how everything plays out, then go ahead and check it out there. Most important though, is if you wish to leave a review then you’ll need to setup an account with ComixCentral. Be warned though, this is a digital download ONLY. If you want a physical copy, I got those however they are for the people who’ve supported me through Patreon.
But that’s it for this weeks update! I hope everyone has enjoyed it.
Oh yes, one more thing…
If you don’t want to do the comic central thing, then you can scan the QR code below. But remember…DUNNY is ALWAYS WATCHING!