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Updates and Workloads


Hey everyone, its been awhile since I managed to put out an update so here goes!

First, if you’re late to the party I’ve suffered a few number of set backs. The family dog, Radar, passed away this week and yeah that kind hurt. And just before he went onward to Doghala, my Graphics Card on my PC went out and I was left with nothing to work on this past week. The only good news is that I got a new job. 

Secondly, physical copies of RAGS were finally given out to everyone on Patreon except for Wicklund, and Kolodzik….so those are still hanging about.

I was also blessed by this unboxing video:


Continuing on, I didn’t foresee people wanting Physical copies of the teaser. That’s right…TEASER! So against my better judgement I went ahead and dumped it up on Indyplanet.

Meanwhile ComixCentral was nice enough to publish an interview with me and my heterosexual life mate Trent which you can read right here.


I’ve also uploaded another design to the Teepublic store. As you see above, this is Regina before joining the Marines. This was drawn by Dark Filly on the twitters. So do her a solid and follow her right here. Send her pictures of ducks. She likes ducks.

Also there have been a few youtube Reviews that were made. So that was actually pretty gnarly to see. One by Captain Frugal  another by Weaponized Nerd Rage and another by ComixDivision. Since they spread the word about me I’ll help and spread the word about them. So yeah be sure to like and subscribe to their stuffs and support them in their efforts.

So yeah that’s the just of what’s been going on so far. Almost the next section will be completed here sometime next month as I deal with some logistical issues and other things.

So if you wish to support RAGS and keep this monster going, just click on any of the links. You can always read the comic here for free (released at a pace of 1 page per week) or you can snag a digital copy here at ComixCentral. Or if you really want to flip through and put it on your shelf, order a physical copy through indyplanet.

And just for shits and giggles, here’s the next portion of the sequence.