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Let’s make 2018 the year of the tactical onesie!

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No Breaks Until New Years

Hey Battles! Its the weekend before Christmas and we’re still working on getting the colors just right for certain specific things. While this will contain a bit of spoilers, we still feel that there’s enough progress here to share, to let everyone know where we’re at.

So here check out our progress so far:

Also while we have you’re attention, shout out to Mistah Mahvel for gifting us this “Space Onesie” (Totally not Venomised.)



Also while we have you’re attention, shout out to Mistah Mahvel for gifting us this “Space Onesie” (Totally not Venomised.)

Anyway we’ll post another update when we get everything done. 6pages down, only 14 more to go @_@.

Thanks again for being patient with us. <3

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Liz Finnegan: As Regina Ragowski

Animation_OriginalSo the New Year is coming around and the release of Issue#1 is happening right around the corner. So I know everyone would LOVE to have an actual date of release, but we’re going to be honest with you. We’re hoping to get everything done before Christmas, but alas we’re just three broke dudes that really didn’t expect this to blow up as much as it has. That being said we’d rather take our time and make sure everything is right instead of rushing something that’s not ready. I will say though, is that we’ve already begun to start coloring the pages and after that its just letters and for Brian to start doing his photoshop thing.

Anyway, whats even more fucking cooler than that, is that Liz Finnegan has dropped this bomb as fuck pic. Not only did it melt our hearts, but we believe that this will break the internet.


Liz Finnegan as Regina Ragowski
Liz as Regina

I mean its fucking dead on right? There are no words in all of the known languages right now that can fully express how amazing and how awesome this is. From a drunken night of debauchery; To-written concept; To almost a year of trials and tribulation to bring this story to bear. We can’t thank Liz enough, or even put into adequate enough words to accurately articulate how we feel. Hopefully when the first arc is complete we can find the time to bring the entire team together and high-five each other. I really pray that the take away from all this is to follow your dreams people. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. More to come soon we promise!

And ya know typically I wouldn’t say this but, if I celebrate Christmas this would be the greatest Christmas gift EVER!



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Merry Fuckin X-mas

Merry Fucking X-mas guys!


Holy SHIT WHAT A YEAR! So yeah maybe we didn’t get the numbers we wanted, but hey this year despite the up’s and downs has been pretty eye opening. Once we FINALLY got on track and released the teaser it became VERY apparent that we were actually sitting on a massive goldmine. All that its going to take is to actually release issue #1, which we’re looking to do here soon after some edits that being said we’ll probably go back to being radio silent here until we’re ready to release here in a bit. The GOOD News (actually the best news!) Is that @thegingerarchy has decided to do her own Cosplay of Regina. This is great because, well, as far as we’re concerned they’re the same person.


So yeah we’re pretty excited about the upcoming year and maybe, one day we’ll actually make something of this. Like…a movie or whatever. That be cool. For those that have hung around, THANKS! For reals thank you! This couldn’t have happened without ya!