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And we’re live!


Hey everyone! We’re up and we’re live! Just an overall update to things going on here.

Issue #1 is out and available Censored on:
Otherwise you  can chill here and wait fore the story to play out over the next coming months.

Secondly, and possible the most important! We actually were honored to be given the opportunity to meet up with the real Regina Ragowski: Liz Finnegan and we have photo evidence of said encounter!

Liz and some ugly dude circ 2018

Anyway look forward to more thing coming down the line. Though it seems that we’ll probably not do the Justin Beiber arc as planned, but that also all depends on final numbers and whatnot. I’ll still have to find the time to locate a publisher, but with work, school and everything else going on, I’m unsure of how I’ll go about doing that.
Rags_Prologue_Comicoftheyear_CropAlso if you didn’t know, the Prologue / Teaser won Comic of the Year overall at Comixcentral. Great shit for us! Anyway catch you guys later and I’ll try to update more as things happen and come along. Peaces!