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A successful launch, a Second print and Piracy!

Oh my shit people apologies for the lack of updates here but things have turned in a unexpected way and well…let’s get into it shall we?


RAGS retail #1

Our retail launch back in September was fucking amazing! If you hadn’t heard, we legitimately sold out of every last copy ordered. Talk about mother fucking sleeper hit of the year right? This only took about a day and a half. The digital sales have been insane as well! Antarctic Press sold out within 5 hours of turning on the RAGS order page. There was a virgin print variant and those too, went sold like free bags of coke during a Burning Man fest. Seriously all of this happened in a matter of two days. TWO FUCKING DAYS! so yeah that was a fucking gnarly thing to experience! So now we’re getting a second print and those should be hitting shelves in the next few weeks. I’m kinda excited to see where this all goes. Who knows, maybe we’ll actually get a Season 2!?



And now the sad part, unfortunately some lowly cunts have decided that it was completely necessary to pirate our work and re-host it somewhere else without permission or authorization. Spending time hunting down all these places is going to suck up time and resources that we just don’t have as a small team. So with that being said, we’re making a few changes on the back end that’s going to significantly impact future releases and I’m not going to say what those things are.

Well, anyway. If you pirate or steal this work, you’re pretty much a worthless piece of shit human being. You can read the work here on this site for free up til issue 2. Uncensored versions that have already been released are now at $3.99 (Since apparently $1.50 is too much for some people we might as well sell this at a normal price.)

Normal version of the work will continue to be sold digitally at 99 cents.

To everyone that has been supportive of the team and the work, thank you! Thank you so much for making this a HUGE rampant success, even if we’re still small time.

To everyone that’s pirated this work….Eat a dick. You’re a thief.




5 thoughts on “A successful launch, a Second print and Piracy!

  1. I pirated this, after my pre-orders were all cancelled and refunded by Antarctic Press, as if it were my fault for believing in the book, buying some copies for my collection, and then them becoming popular after the fact.
    Am I a piece of shit? I mean, I was certainly treated as such by Antarctic Press, so I guess so?

    I really wanted to own physical copies and they held my money for weeks with no communication, I had to hunt a refund down as they wouldn’t even respond to why they refused to ship my order. So I was left with no Virgin variant, no normal cover and a generic ‘copy paste’ refund email with zero consolation.

    …but, you know what else I did? I pre-ordered physical copies of issue #1 (2P), #2, #2 (Silver Variant), #3, #3 (Exposed Variant). I really wanted #1 Virgin variant, I felt robbed by AP… and of course I am on edge wondering if I will even receive any of these pre-orders, but the bottom line is… piracy actually pushed me even more to purchase.

    1. So yeah, AP clearly fucked you on that. I can’t speak for their customer service end, but I’ve seen similiar incidents around other platforms that this has happened to others. While I can’t comment on what AP is doing, I CAN comment that no one was prepared for this, and so it came as a shock that we sold out as fast as we did and that there was such a high demand. I don’t know where you pre-ordered from, but if it came from your LCS then know that there’s a second print in the works coming in November. So there’s a new opportunity to pick up the work.

      I still stand by my comments in regards to pirating though. There’s literrally 0 legit reason to do so. I can’t stop the internet though.

      1. I feel you, but I own #1 now digitally too and have my pre-orders for the physicals, AP fucking me over was what lead to the shoulder-shrug moment. They had no legit reason to fuck me over, so we traded eyes.
        I didn’t want to buy the stuff just because of how they dealt with me and others, but I believe in the book and this team of creators as a whole.
        If you see in my previous comment, part of my pre-order from my LCS is #1 (2P)… 2P for 2nd printing.

        So what’s the deal with Patreon physical copies? Is it still possible to get bunny-less page versions of this book? Salute.

      2. The Patreon Physical Copies are for Patreon subs.

  2. what AP did was list twice as many copies as were available. They then mailed out all the copies they had, but never told anyone about why they weren’t getting their orders. also, the copies they did mail, they just shoved in a plain envelope with no protection, whatsoever, and had the nerve to tell their customers that it was the post office’s fault for bending them–which it was not–it was the lack of care provided by AP in the matter. if they only were selling 100 copies of the VV, you would think they would have the time to bag/board and securely mail them. they could have offered up a mass email the next day after realizing they oversold the comic and promptly refunded everyone, but they didn’t. the message came weeks later.