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Two more to go

Go get issue 5 at your LCS now!

Hey guys! Oh mein gott! Here we are! Five down and two more issues to get drawn up and done. Can’t believe we made it all the way here after all this time. Such a crazy little adventure that this has been and in the next up coming days we’ll be working on winding down and moving onto other things. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the love and support we’ve gotten. But before we go for good I just want to leave a few things:

1) Issue 6 will be the last issue posted here for free.

2) For those of you waiting on this mysterious Trade Paper Back that’s apparently being made outside of Patreon…I hate to inform you that there are currently no plans for a Trade Paperback outside of what I’m planning to do for Patreon.

3) I’ve added Prints and Wall Scrolls to our Merch Store. For those that are into that sort’ve thing. And for now, Patreon Backers have their own exclusive (lewd) prints that they can get. These are going to be up for the remainder of the year.

4) Next thing in the works is a motion comic. Gonna be making that separately. You can view the test here

5) Oh yeah, Winner of the Cover Art contest will be announced shortly. My PC died and I’m trying to get it working again. In the meantime, I’m working off of a back up. Hopefully I’ll get things fixed up here soon.

And that’s it guys! Catch ya’ll later! Enjoy the latest piece by Luigi Teruel below!

lux RAGS illustration.png
Celebrating the end a bit early. It was a good run!