Muffin, Operator and Regina take a selfie just after “Saving” downtown Los Angeles.

The world of RAGS is violent, crazy and absolutely ridiculous. RAGS follows the misadventures of former USMC Combat Veteran Cpl Regina Ragowski, as she struggles to deal with her debilitating PTSD from her deployment and ouster from the MARINE CORPS as well as the continuing loss from those she loves.

Operator is a soldier who reached a breaking point during the initial outbreak and never made the journey back to sanity. Though smarter and more caring than he acts, he’s enjoying the Apocalypse for what it is; a conflict zone rich with targets he can indiscriminately kill without repercussions. He’ll do anything to ensure that the plague keeps going, having a great dislike for civilian life.

Judy Hanna Smith, otherwise known as: Muffin, is a former San Diego Counter-Drug Agent and the anchor that keeps both Regina and Operator’s normally grey morality¬†in check. Though initially distrustful of the duo they eventually form a bond not unlike that of a real military unit. Muffin and Regina become very close and are nearly sisters, whilst she and Operator have a love/hate relationship. Often seeing who can make the most racist joke before the other gets offended.


Hitting the streets.


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