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Proofs-copies, Ninjas and an update.


Good morning everyone! Quick update. Just got the proof copy for the Censored Version of Rags yesterday. Once we finish going through it to see what issues and corrections that need to be made, we’ll be doing a give-away contest. As always, it’ll involve an Easter Egg hunt.


On the Patreon side of the house we’re continuing to work on releasing more of Regina’s back story  through these little “time captures”. I know that folks want to find out more about Regina during her time in the Marine Corps and the incidents that sent her on her downward spiral but I don’t think doing that now is as important as solidifying and ensuring that the main story gets told the right way. Don’t get me wrong we’re excited that people are interested and want to know more about our heroine. I will say though, that the information is out there. We’ve laid out that groundwork before-hand, ensuring that we had a solid back-story before we moved forward on anything.


So entering into the indie comics world I stumbled across this titacular piece of artwork from Impacto! Comics. Red Ninja Momiji is a Ninja Mercenary for Hire that is tasked with escorting a young girl to an airplane. Of course this doesn’t go smoothly and pretty soon there’s action-set-piece after wonderfully drawn action-set-piece. Go check it out over here, and ensure you leave those guys a review.

Follow the Momiji team here on twitter

Alright guys that’s all for now! Remember, we can’t do this all without your support! Share with friends, leave reviews! These are more important to creators than currency. It lets us know how well we’re doing.


Happy Regina is best Regina

Physical Copies, Moving Forward and a New Face.

Hey Battles!
Well, here we are! Getting things in motion and in full swing. Apologies for not updating the site with blog posts more often, but I’m trying to rectify that. So, just a few things here to keep everyone updated on whats going on with us.

Digital Copies: Digital Copies of Rags #1 are available here: Censored and Uncensored. As always you can just come visit the site and chill here until the the pages are finished releasing if you don’t wish to spend any shekels.

Physical Copies: I should be getting my Proofs this week. Shortly after I’ll be getting these out to Patreons and after that, Physicals will be made available on Indy Planet….for now.

Issue #2: After a short break we’re back out onto starting production on issue #2. We’ll be getting some sketch-work done here shortly and starting the process once again. So keep an eye out on Twitter because that’s typically where we hang out and post our progress, though we’ll start utilizing this site more moving forward.

New Face: So as everyone knows Regina is based off of Liz Finnegan’s face. While we had a few pictures to go off of, we really didn’t have the angles right and while Regina did look unique, we still wanted to get a closer resemblance to Liz, so while its with a heavy heart we retire Regina Chan 2.0, its with great pleasure we give to you, Regina v3.0f



Regina v3.0f

And we’re live!


Hey everyone! We’re up and we’re live! Just an overall update to things going on here.

Issue #1 is out and available Censored on: https://www.comixcentral.com/product/rags1/
Otherwise you  can chill here and wait fore the story to play out over the next coming months.

Secondly, and possible the most important! We actually were honored to be given the opportunity to meet up with the real Regina Ragowski: Liz Finnegan and we have photo evidence of said encounter!


Liz and some ugly dude circ 2018

Anyway look forward to more thing coming down the line. Though it seems that we’ll probably not do the Justin Beiber arc as planned, but that also all depends on final numbers and whatnot. I’ll still have to find the time to locate a publisher, but with work, school and everything else going on, I’m unsure of how I’ll go about doing that.
Rags_Prologue_Comicoftheyear_CropAlso if you didn’t know, the Prologue / Teaser won Comic of the Year overall at Comixcentral. Great shit for us! Anyway catch you guys later and I’ll try to update more as things happen and come along. Peaces!


No Breaks Until New Years

Hey Battles! Its the weekend before Christmas and we’re still working on getting the colors just right for certain specific things. While this will contain a bit of spoilers, we still feel that there’s enough progress here to share, to let everyone know where we’re at.

So here check out our progress so far:

Also while we have you’re attention, shout out to Mistah Mahvel for gifting us this “Space Onesie” (Totally not Venomised.)



Also while we have you’re attention, shout out to Mistah Mahvel for gifting us this “Space Onesie” (Totally not Venomised.)

Anyway we’ll post another update when we get everything done. 6pages down, only 14 more to go @_@.

Thanks again for being patient with us. <3

Liz Finnegan: As Regina Ragowski

Animation_OriginalSo the New Year is coming around and the release of Issue#1 is happening right around the corner. So I know everyone would LOVE to have an actual date of release, but we’re going to be honest with you. We’re hoping to get everything done before Christmas, but alas we’re just three broke dudes that really didn’t expect this to blow up as much as it has. That being said we’d rather take our time and make sure everything is right instead of rushing something that’s not ready. I will say though, is that we’ve already begun to start coloring the pages and after that its just letters and for Brian to start doing his photoshop thing.

Anyway, whats even more fucking cooler than that, is that Liz Finnegan has dropped this bomb as fuck pic. Not only did it melt our hearts, but we believe that this will break the internet.



Liz Finnegan as Regina Ragowski


Liz as Regina

I mean its fucking dead on right? There are no words in all of the known languages right now that can fully express how amazing and how awesome this is. From a drunken night of debauchery; To-written concept; To almost a year of trials and tribulation to bring this story to bear. We can’t thank Liz enough, or even put into adequate enough words to accurately articulate how we feel. Hopefully when the first arc is complete we can find the time to bring the entire team together and high-five each other. I really pray that the take away from all this is to follow your dreams people. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. More to come soon we promise!

And ya know typically I wouldn’t say this but, if I celebrate Christmas this would be the greatest Christmas gift EVER!