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So I’ve been messing with photoshop…

So I got bored and bought myself Photoshop because G.i.m.p2 wasn’t doing everything i needed it to do…or rather I’m not too sure what I was doing and stuff. So, yeah I just screwed around and made these.


Anyway feel free to comment to let me know what you think.




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Tactical Onesies: New from Kigurumi

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Just a quick update. Need to do some rendering and then toss the logo onto the images. Finished images will be added to the teepublic store and made available for purchase. Anyway if you like this, hit that like button, share with your pals. If you’d like to see me continue you can donate to me here via paypal or Patreon.

Thanks again and I hope to see you guys soon.





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Grey tones and bones

So the grey tones are in and already uploaded to the patreon page. Go and click that link that’s right here: Patreon Link click me! and hit that heart button or leave a comment. And ya know I’m nice so here ya go. A single sheet for those that follow the blog.



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Special thanks and stuff


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So lot’s of things going on this month so I’ll start from the beginning.

First off, got this special thanks commission complete for everyone that’s supported me through either T-shirt sales  or Patreon and suffering with me through the myriad of uphill battles I’ve been fighting so far this year. Special and most important shout-out goes to Liz Finnegan of the Escapist and AORinPink for permission to use their likeness’ an stuff.

So the good news first. I’m still on track and hoping to have the first 10 pages of this complete before the end of the month. And that’ll be what I’ll call for now, the Patient-Zero Concept package. Which I’ll be putting together and sending out to Patreons first and then on a case-by-case basis to those that are interested. So we’ll be looking at something around the beginning or mid-week of June.

Bad news and set backs:

So the number 1 reason why I haven’t been posting much is due to dealing with multiple minor issues:

  1. Issue Number One is completely unrelated…but not really. So previously I was working with an artist for a Spider-Man / Spider-Gwen kinda deal….and well a year later it’s still not done because the person in question had disappeared….
    ….and it turns out that the guy is dying due to a brain tumor, or so his friends/studio partners say, and I have 1,750 reason as to why I honestly hope he dies of this tumor, knowing full well how much of a heartless dick that makes me…. So now that is getting done and plays into issue #2:
  2.  The Artist I linked up with near the end of December and asked me for an advanced showed ALOT of promise. I loved his art, his detail…everything….except there were two issues. First was that I had mistakenly misinterpreted another’s artists commitment to that of only five pages, which lead me to artist#2 and thus I essentially created a faux-paux. Well luckily, or unluckily…whatever…, artist #2 was lazy. And I mean this in that he missed every deadline in the last seven months and eventually was fired. I have cut ties with him and unfortunately will not be using his work, as great as it was, because I don’t wish to have a mash-up of artists. Also with the fiasco occurring with issue # 1 above, well let’s just say I have very little patience for people who miss deadlines and fall off the map. Which is why issue #3 is:
  3. I’ve completed a major script revision and well…that’s going to cause a huge setback. Same story. Same sequence of events, however these slight deviations make for a better story and set the stage for the overall themes and things better. I’ll have to speak to Artist #1 to see if they’re still interested. They might be made at me, but its fine. I’m learning as I go.


So that’s pretty much the update for now. For those of you that wish to read the update script, or haven’t had a chance to, you can find the script here: READ ME.

Thanks for sticking with me guys and remember you can support me either through the links below, or by hitting that like / subscribe button.