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Comic Con Exclusive

So…. we have a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (for those that care)
Which you can grab here:

Also we threw back up the ash-can sized (yeah I know I’m dumb cause I didn’t check earlier) books up because…people wanted them oddly enough. There’s about 50 left so once those are gone that’s it.

Grab them here:



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*Sponsored* Semalt: What Is The Relevance Of Keywords Search For A New Website


Semalt: What Is The Relevance Of Keywords Search For A New Website

It is possible to reach success without conducting keyword research for new
sites, but there is a risk of loosing some opportunities such as high ranking, great conversion rates and the opportunity of providing
the most relevant information in a specific market niche. The significance of these opportunities increases when you are launching
a new site as soon as it is easier to customize site’s informational architecture from the ground up.

Ross Barber, the Customer Success Manager of
Digital Services shares the modern-day keyword research tenets for newly launched websites.

Choose overarching keywords that ensure quick wins

One must consider high-competition keywords for the top pages as they guarantee
quick wins. The homepage and priority pages have a better chance of ranking high with competitive keywords as they attract the greatest
number of inbound links unlike blog posts and product pages. A new site’s structure requires a broader and more general application of
keywords for the navigation menu, homepage, and main categories. The best strategy is to incorporate long-tail keywords.

Focus on Long-tail keywords and sideways search

Due to the lack of search authority, the best strategy for ranking is using
long-tail keywords. Short, general keywords make it practically impossible to rank. Long-tail keywords cover all angles of the topic
needed, they are ultra-specific, and address specific questions. They have far less competition and greater conversion rates.
Thinking sideways will help to elaborate and expand topics.

Optimize for question-based phrases

Search engines’ structure matches relevant content with organic queries
regardless of whether it is a keyword or a question according to a Microsoft research. For both scenarios, search engines perform the
same good with the regard to the relevance of results. Therefore, the site should focus on answering questions by providing well
researched, niche information and not worry about the phrasing of the question.

Use keyword tools to spark ideas

Experts recommend a combination of brainstorming, auto-suggestion features
as well as traditional keyword tools to provide comprehensive coverage and in-depth information about the topic. Traditional keyword
tools are the best at sparking ideas to come up with long-tail phrases. Auto-suggestion and autocomplete features spark new keyword
ideas both long and short.

The role of competitive keyword research

For newer sites, time and effort spent determines the value of using competing
keywords. A lead designer of Google search, John Wiley, indicated that on a daily basis, Google receives 15% of questions they have
never encountered before. In light of this, it does not mean that competitive keyword research does not have a place as it plays a
significant role when identifying who is up against. It also informs on how tough the competition is and who is ahead of the business.
However, drilling down to get in-depth content with longer, less competitive niche keywords for site space takes less time and has a
greater return.

Content marketing has an advantage over the one-to-one relationship between
keywords and search results. Keyword research should focus more on determining user’s intent and less on search rankings. Keyword
research is the real power for new sites, so it should help to understand the context of user’s search.

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Tactical Onesies: New from Kigurumi

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Just a quick update. Need to do some rendering and then toss the logo onto the images. Finished images will be added to the teepublic store and made available for purchase. Anyway if you like this, hit that like button, share with your pals. If you’d like to see me continue you can donate to me here via paypal or Patreon.

Thanks again and I hope to see you guys soon.





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Memorial Day post

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So its memorial day and since I enlisted, its become a day of somber remembrance. Most people will walk around, greet veterans and joyously say “Happy Memorial day!”
Meanwhile I sit back and remember the men and women I had the privilege of service with. Not all deaths were a result of combat, but that doesn’t make their deaths any less painful.

PFC Robert Gilman – Vehicle rollover
SSG Samuel T. Castle – I.E.D Al Asad iraq

SGT James Treber – Vehicle Rollover

Joshua Madigan

SPC Brooks.

SSG Koch

SPC Christina Phan

And this is a very short list. Every year it gets much much longer. So while you guys are out there enjoying your day in of sleep, or bbq’s…pour one out for these guys. I’d appreciate it immensely

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April Update and whatevers

So April has given us a bunch of new things. First I have gotten a nice piece of artwork done by the lovely Sasha Sacurova (sp) A nice lady who draws a bunch of gnarly things. You can find her page here: Sasha. So the selfie pic below is now available for purchase as a t-shirt which you can find here both in mens and womens sizes. Also page 9 is kinda done, along with an alternate version of events playing out. More than likely going to keep things a very hard ‘R’ rating. Cause you know, kids might look at this. Anyway thanks for your continued support and hope to have more for you in the upcoming weeks!

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End of a year, but beginning of an Era

ragszombie_pngWow so first of all, thanks out there to everyone that followed and donated. I have managed to raise roughly 120$ out of the 500$ that I needed to get this thing off to ground. To many, that would be an absolute failure…but not me. Failure is for pussies.

So whats been going on this month? Well, first thing you have to know, is that I was working on another project earlier this year and was hoping to have it completed around this time, or at least…possibly…75-80% done.


Well, I’m still waiting on the other person to fulfill their end of our deal, though I’m afraid they took my money and ran with it. Gnarly. So in the meantime, I started RAGS. And slowly I’ve been inching my way towards success and I think I might have discovered my niche…but at the end of the day I still need an audience, and for this type of work, I’m in desperate need of some marketing skills. But whatever.

So how does this all impact RAGS? Well it does in many ways. See, first I can’t really move forward with any large projects until I get this situation with this other dude taken care of. The artist I am with now has so far proven themselves reliable, though I’m still keeping my eyes open for someone who can tackle this beast full time. Ren has been fantastic so far and in the meantime, here’s a little preview of what has been worked on and created.


Anyhoo. That’s all I got for this year. Rest of it is going to be focused on Holidays and other crap until January. Also might have one more update but I’m not quite sure if and when that’ll be. Stay tuned folks!


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Shilling for shekles

Hey everyone, the creator, writer, planner and whatever of RAGS. Great news: Ren is will be working on the first five pages of our script this weekend. So hopefully either by the end of the year, or before then (fingers crossed for X-mas.) I’ll have something here to share. In the meantime we’re having a fund raiser at this Gofundme right HERE.

Also we’ve opened up a store at Tee-Spring which you can go ahead and order around HERE. The more funds we get, the more art-work we can get done and more merchandise we can throw up there. Be a pal and share with friends and family (At gunpoint if you have too. We won’t tell. Hell we might help you move the bodies…) and help us get this generation’s zombie version of Blazing Saddles off the ground.

And remember kids, when the zombie plague hits, don’t be caught with your pants down!