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So this is wonderful. I’m sitting at home playing PS4 when I get the call from Sergeant Conners. He’s such a fucking douchebag that everyone in the platoon avoids him when they can. I, however, know he’s got his uses. Being the asshole that he is, he can piss off the right people when I don’t want to be bothered. Sadly he out ranks me so I took the call. I swear I’m the only mother fucker that answers the phone.

“Get pass the word to EVERYONE we need to get to the Armory ASAP!.” There’s a slight panic in his voice. A sense of urgency I’ve never quite heard from him before.

“Yeah sure, I gotta shave and-” I sigh outloud having to pause the game I’m playing.

“Do it there!” He yells, but I really don’t think he meant to. “Get in full battle rattle and go report to the Major Lopez.” Major Lopez is our AGR, Active Guard Reserve. He’s a fulltimer in a world of part time weekend warriors.

“Yeah, roger whats going on? We getting activated?”

“Yeah dude, turn on the t.v. shit’s a fucking nightmare!”

I don’t watch television. Mostly because its shit, but I do the next best thing and check out facebook. To be honest, the status’ and updates I was seeing should’ve made me upset, but really it did nothing more than get me excited.


Holy fuck balls. I thought. We’re going to war with Mexico! I couldn’t have been more wrong. And you know what, I’m happy that I was.

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Asian Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Features: Ribbon tied in her hair.

Equipment: KSG KEL-TEL Shotgun / Glock 19

About: Muffin is an kind’ve-sort’ve ally to Regina and Operator. Though initially she despises and distrusts Operator and Regina, she comes around when she realizes Randi has set her up to be killed by Marsh and his crew she comes around.  Operator stereotypes Muffin to be the stereotypical Asian, and while he’s not technically wrong, Muffin finds this irritating and offensive. Its not until Operator saves her life that she begins to rethink her opinion on the duo. She’s a very capable hand-to-hand fighter and prefers fighting close quarters.

Before the zombie plague,  Muffin was actually San Diego Police Officer Judy Hannah Smith. Even though she antagonizes Operator, she really appreciates him for taking care of Regina and treating them as equals and not just eye-candy.

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African American male

Hair: Black short, military cut

Eyes: Brown

Features: African American Male who hides his face with a skull half-mask.

Weapons: Tavor x95/ CZ 75 SP01/

Gear: Plate Carrier, MCH helmet, Military kit. Loads of weapons

About:  Operator is between 25-35 and mysterious. Only Kylie knows his real name as do other military people but they never really say his name. He also identifies as an ‘ammo-sexual’. Its not really known if he stole something, but some military people are after him for unknown reasons. Whenever they begin to ask for it, he interrupts them and says silly off-the wall things. Also kills zombies to Lady GaGa music. Despite being the most hated man in the Hustler survivor group, Operator is also the most deadly and loyal. Shown by the fact that he goes out of his way to keep the group well-armed, stocked and protected. But is it because he likes them? Or because kindness to your enemies is often the best revenge.

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Let’s Meet: Regina Ragowski


Races: Caucasian

Sex: Female

Hair: Red, curly and short.

Eyes: green

Features: Freckles all over her body and full sleeve tattoo on right arm. Full leg tattoo on left leg. Tattoos on stomach, ribs and upper groin area. Various scrapes, bruises.

Weapons: Beretta Cx4 Storm/ Tavor / M4/HK G35c / CZ75SP01

Gear: Military pack, gloves, boots, knee / elbow pads.

After witnessing the horribly stupid death of her fiance (something they both never saw coming.) Regina has found herself naked, alone and afraid in the Zombie Apocalypse.

But just because she’s naked and unarmed doesn’t mean she’s defenseless, or a victim. Regina is a skilled shooter and fighter, and not because she watched a few youtube videos.

She puts on a strong front, but honestly she’s just one step from completely going over the edge. Thankfully, killing zombies takes up too much of her time to even allow her to think.

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Greetings everyone. Hey I know its empty right now and you’re probably wondering “What the fuck am I doing here and what is this shit?” Well, hold on and before you nuke the fuck out of me, let me explain to you the world of RAGS!

Sometime in the future (after this shitty ass Presidential election), EL Chapo has successfully escaped from Prison and is angry at both the Mexican and U.S Government. Why? Cause he’s fucking El Chapo he can do whatever the fuck he wants. So in order to get back at us for fucking him over, he unleashes a zombie virus on the U.S-Mexico Border, there by causing an outbreak that spreads in every which direction and is not just limited to the U.S. So what does this mean? It means that California is fucked. Most notably, San Diego and everything North.

This is where our story kicks off. Regina Ragowsky and her fiance Sean, are escaping North towards the National Guard Base in San Miguel California. Unfortunately for Regina, she’s stuck out alone with nothing more than literally the skin (or freckles) on her back. With no clothes, no weapons and no hope, Regina searches desperately for a pair a pants while the world around her is going to shit.

And that’s the jist of RAGS: A Zombie Shopping Spree.