If you have a follow up / clarifying question OR a question we didn’t cover, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.
Q: So do I get all my comics all at once or…
A: You get which ever issue / batch is ready at the time. For instance for issue 3, Batch 1 (TPB) will be printed and shipped first. The following month, Batch 2 will be printed and so on. This is help me effectively manage and keep costs down.
Q: How do Batches work?
A: One batch ships per month, as they get completed. Production is done in these phases:
Phase 1 Layouts = > Phase 2 inks => Phase 3 Colors => Phase 4 Lettering = > Phase 5 Proof building. Phase 6=> Proof printing. Depending on how fast the proofs are mailed to me, QC’d and are ready to ship I will then collect the names after payments have been processed. Sometimes this can take up to 4-6 weeks.
Q: Do you ship overseas (APO/AE)?
A: Currently working on sorting it out. More to follow.
Q: I didn’t get a DM! Where’s my tracking information?
A: Either one of two things happened: 1) I’m actually missing the info from the printer and I’m working on getting it or 2) The name on Patreon and your actual shipping address do not match and I can’t “find” you. Note: Brian uses Ka-blam as a fulfilment entity
Q: How do I know what “batch” I am?
A: Operators are ALWAYS Batch 1 (TPB / Catch up style books). Batch 2 is always the Normal editions. Batch 3 are the variants.
Q: I Just signed up. When should I expect my comics to ship?
A: Good question. Currently working on getting an actual release schedule out.
Q: So I just signed up. Do I have to pay extra for-
A: NO! Just stay signed up to Patreon and you’ll get everything when I ship. Make sure you check your email and Patreon messages as I send out new updates regularly.
Patreon / Back issues
Q: How do I get the Tim Lim Variant?
A: They’re being shipped out individually? If you’re worthy, expect it. If not, keep doing the right thing and you may find one at your doorstep. Updates will be coming periodically. Until then, stand by.
Q: I just signed up am I too late to-
A: Yup. Too late. Please don’t beg, it’s off putting.
Q: So Back Issues-
A: Only during creative luls. Back issues mean less variants though so keep that in mind (cost money to hire artists and if I’m spending that constantly shipping…then yeah.)
Q: What back issues am I eligible for?
A: There will be an announcement prior to gathering names in regards to back issues.
Q: What does uncontrolled Cameo Mean?
A: Means I put you in the work when we see it that we have the 1) Time and 2) ability to do so. Whether or not you end up a zombie or a cool character is up to my whims!
Operators that want to have their Cameo’s I need 3 pics. Face front, left and right emailed to RAGSzombie@gmail.com and with the subject line: CAMEO this is so I can get the reference material to Luigi.
General Questions
Q: Can I get my copies autographed?
A: At this time. No. Being as that its a logistical nightmare to get the entire team to sign, this is off the table for now.
Q: What if I pay extra?

A: see above answer.
Q: How can we help reach goal and get back issues during the luls?
A: help advertise! Tell your friends! Share the work with friends family and the dog!

Q: My LCS didn’t get any retail copies! This is bullshit!
A: I don’t control the retail side of the house. You’re going to have to take that up with your LCS.
Q: I LOVE Luigi’s work! Can I get a Commission from him?
A: Luigi is busy with getting the book done. During the creative lulls he should be open to commissions.
Q: Do you know when AP is going to-
A: Nope I do not. We don’t control Antarctic Press’s schedule in any way.
Q: AP hasn’t shipped my-
A: Once again we are two separate entities. I have no control over how AP handles the retail end.

12 thoughts on “Faq

  1. Not seeing anything except the acronym “F.A.Q”. Just wanted to know if the prices are in USD? So I can pay for the 2 comics you permitted me to read for free.

    1. Yes USD 🙂

  2. just purchased digital books of rags 1, 2, rags unicorn cvr. downloaded first book but can’t get back to cart to download the rest?

  3. What is the timeline for the Rags universe? How old, how tall (in cm), how heavy (in kg) and how long has been in service for Regina Ragowski, Operator, Judy Hanna Smith? Will we see Regina using the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle? What is the breast size (C Cup, D Cup DD Cup, etc) for Regina? Also will Regina have children in future chapters?

  4. where can i buy the uncensored versions?

    1. Uncensored Versions are currently Patreon Only.

  5. Any plans for a TPB?

    1. I do plan on releasing an Uncensored TPB at the end of our run.

  6. I’m a little confused. I noticed there was a tag for LGBTQ (+, cuz I’m not a bigot – lol) for this product, but I don’t see anything here in the about page or the FAQ or anywhere really that references it. I take it there’s something in the book about that?

    It’s not a *major* concern for me, but I kind of like to know how much of any given content is in the book before I buy it. I’ll read the free version on this site to see if it fits my tastes, but any additional clarification you could provide would be appreciated.

    1. Its there, but its honestly not THAT important.

  7. If you are leaving Patreon, how will we be able to get exclusives. I was looking to join patreon but am not sure if I should now. Is your $1 a month subscription service now the way to get access to exclusives and uncensored material?

    1. Apologies for the late reply. We’ve been busy. Things have changed and right now leaving Patreon can’t happen until some major milestones and changes happen which, right now wouldn’t make sense to do. There’s more backend things that have to be stood up before it happens, so in the meantime Patreon is still a thing.