More Minor Characters

Good Morning Battles! As this piece of work moves forward, I’ve finally managed to get to the point where I can start releasing the sketches of the Duo that are the bane to Regina and Operator. Meet Kylie and Randi in the flesh! (Digital…technically Ink..) I’m nearly there with finishing up the minor characters. during this minor intermission phase. In the meantime keep an eye out on things here. and as always if you want to support me and keep this going follow any of the links on the support page.

More Minor Characters!



Douche Bag 1, ready to douche it up!

Hey battles! Here again with another minor and small update. Got some work done on some minor characters and here we are. Introducing Douche Bag 1 and his buddy Douche Bag 2. I had no idea what to name them, so these are their names. Until someone suggests something better.


Douche Bag dos!

Look at him. All…hipstery and douche-baggy in all his glory. Next on the list are two soldiers.

PFC Luna and SPC Flores Respectively.


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Hey Everyone! Just wanted to drop this update real super quick. Been super busy with playing with an revised opening thanks to a pal of mine who’s stepped in to help. Also been busy with real life stuff and making sure everything looks good. I am thinking of taking this to a few people I know over at IDW. Here’s some sample pages, that have been worked on, just for your enjoyment.



And last but not least I’ve updated the Vagabond Bunny Skull. I like it, its different…maybe a bit more intricate than I liked, but overall I felt it felt the theme of the book overall. Oh what’s the deal with the V.B.S logo? Well you’ll just have to wait and see.


Vagabond Bunny Skull

I love this thing so much. Hopefully it catches on. Anyway again, if you’d like to see this comic continue hit that like, subscribe and support us on Patreon or snatch up some Merchandise.



The Defenders: Review


Good morning battles! So I just finished watching Marvels: THE DEFENDERS and well… here’s my review.

The series starts off with Danny Rand and Collen tracking down some guy who ends up getting killed by Elektra. I can’t remember his name so I suppose we’ll call him “Captain McGuffin.”. So after the Captain gets offed we cut over to Jessica Jones who’s still suffering from that huge amount of Apathy she’s stockpiled since we last saw her at the end of Jessica Jones Season 1. After rebuking a client and her daughter (something I noticed to be a trend from her first season. She only really accepts jobs from women….and their daughters. Hmmm…) she gets a mysterious phone call telling her: “Don’t investigate.” which causes her to say “No one puts baby in the corner! Hold my beer I’m investigating.” Continue reading

Momma Marine


Hey battles! Its been a minute, which means I’ve been very busy here working on stuffs. I hope everyone has enjoy the first couple pages so far. More are coming along the way. You can track all the sketch-work being done here on my Patreon page¬†Just donate one dollar and you’ll get access to all the major updates and pages before they’re released here.

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