More Minor Characters!



Douche Bag 1, ready to douche it up!

Hey battles! Here again with another minor and small update. Got some work done on some minor characters and here we are. Introducing Douche Bag 1 and his buddy Douche Bag 2. I had no idea what to name them, so these are their names. Until someone suggests something better.


Douche Bag dos!

Look at him. All…hipstery and douche-baggy in all his glory. Next on the list are two soldiers.

PFC Luna and SPC Flores Respectively.


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Well its official! We’ve finally were able to launch! Page 1 is out and ready for your reading pleasure! Page 2 will be released next week and so on and so forth. This should allow me the time to get ahead on the art and do whatever else is needed. It will also allow for a proof of concept.

What’s being released here is my original concept script brought to life by Ren .

The intent is to release one page a week in order to build up some momentum and then when the first volume is complete, to release that as a book in its entirety on Amazon. I may not be going through the right channels…but whatevers. I’ll figure it out. Anyway if you want to see the progress of all the pages and things as they come out you can become a Patreon and get all the nitty gritty NSFW stuff WordPress won’t let me post 😉

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